Happiness is Art: Favorite Projects

Happiness is Art: Favorite Projects

So friends tonight some links to some amazing art projects that will certainly help you have a happy day ~ Rev Kane

Shadow Art

shadow art

Shadow Art – The first link is to possibly the coolest art project I’ve ever seen, the shadow art pieces have mind blowing origination points.

Fairy Doors

fairy door

Fairy Doors – One of my favorite projects small fairy doors that mysteriously appear and disappear on the sides of buildings.

Clet Abraham


I first learned of Clet Abraham when a friend in Italy posted what had happened to his town, absolutely fantastic street sigh graffiti.


Bliss burning man

Bliss – a link to info about a public art installation that I first was lucky enough to see at Burning Man

Hamburg’s Lady of the Lake

lady of the lake

Hamburg’s Lady of the Lake – a giant bathing woman in a lake in Hamburg Germany, so awesome.

About revmichaelkane

Michael Kane is an educator, change agent, adventurer and general sampler of life.
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