Appalachian Trail Happiness, Where to Buy the Book

Appalachian Trail Happiness, Where to Buy the Book

at-happPlease forgive my shameless plug tonight but I wanted to provide all of the purchasing information for my book in one place ~ Rev Kane

One quick note I will be doing a talk on the Appalachian Trail and the book on Friday, February 10th at 7:30PM for the Sierra College Natural History Museum Speaker Series.

The talk will be held at the Sierra College Rocklin Campus
5000 Rocklin Road, Rocklin, CA 05677

$5 adults   $2 students/seniors  free for museum members

Amazon & Kindle   – You can find both the paperback ($9.99) and ebook ($2.99) at Amazon, if you buy the paperback you get the ebook as a bonus for 99 cents if you are so inclined.

Createspace  – If you order through Createspace ($9.99), Amazon doubles my royalty.  I’m assuming they do this to help drive traffic to the Createspace store.  So if you want to help maximize my royalty this is the best way.

Signed Copy – If you would like a signed copy please contact me directly at  For these I have to order a copy from Createspace, then sign it and ship it to you directly, due to the double shipping I charge $15 for this option.

No matter how you buy the book, I’m thankful that you have and thank you very much for supporting my work and I hope you enjoy it. A quick synopsis is below. ~ Rev Kane

Appalachian Trail Happiness is both a collection of stories and recollections of Michael “Rev” Kane’s 1000 mile hike on the 2200 mile Appalachian Trail and also an example of how to live a happier life through action. The founder and author of the blog The Ministry of Happiness, the book both brings you along on his hike while also addressing what makes us happy and inspiring people to find their own adventures. Through three daily questions:

What was the most beautiful thing I experienced today?

What made me happy today?

What did I learn today?

The book explores the positive side of long distance hiking and makes insights to the benefit of adventure in making us happier in life.