Happiness is Poetry: Rumi

Happiness is Poetry: Rumi

Tonight I gift you with a long and wonderful piece on falling in love by Rumi.  Hard to imagine his work is over 600 years old, but if you’ve never read any you’re missing out.  Enjoy this one and have a happy day my friends ~ Rev Kane

love happiness

Desire and the Importance and Falling

A window opens.
A curtain pulls back.

The lamp of lovers connect,
not at their ceramic bases,
but in their lightedness.

No lover wants union with the Beloved
without the Beloved also wanting the lover.

Love makes the lover weak,
while the Beloved gets strong.

Lightning from here strikes there.
When you begin to love God, God
is loving you. A clapping sound
does not come from one hand.

A thirsty man calls out, ‘Delicious water,
where are you?’ while the water moans,
‘Where is the water drinker?’

The thirst in our souls is the attraction
put out by the Water itself.

We belong to It,
and It to us.

God’s wisdom made us lovers of one another.
In fact, all the particles of the world
are in love and looking for lovers.

Pieces of straw tremble
in the presence of amber.

We tremble like iron filings
welcoming the magnet.

Whatever that Presence gives us
we take in. Earth signs feed.
Water signs wash and freshen.
Air signs clear the atmosphere.
Fire signs jiggle the skillet,
so we cook without getting burnt.

And the Holy Spirit helps with everything,
like a young man trying to support a family.
We, like the man’s young wife, stay home,
taking care of the house, nursing the children.

Spirit and matter work together like this,
in a division of labor.

Sweethearts kiss and taste the delight
before they slip into bed and mate.

The desire of each lover is
that the work of the other be perfected.
By this man-and-woman cooperation,
the world gets preserved.
Generation occurs.

Roses and blue arghawan flowers flower.
Night and day meet in a mutual hug.

So different, but they do love each other,
the day and the night, like family.

And without their mutual alternation
we would have no energy.

Every part of the cosmos is draws toward its mate.
The ground keeps talking to the body,
saying, ‘Come back! It’s better for you
down here where you came from.’

The streamwater calls to the moisture in the body.
The fiery aether whispers to the body’s heat,
‘I am your origin. Come with me.’
Seventy-two diseases are caused
by the various elements pulling inside the body.
Disease comes, and the organs
fall out of harmony.

We’re like four different birds,
that each had one leg tied in
with the other birds.

A flopping bouguet of birds!
Death releases the binding, and they fly off,
but before that, their pulling is our pain.

Consider how the soul must be,
in the midst of these tensions,
feeling its own exalted pull.

My longing is more profound.
The birds want sweet green herbs
and the water running by.

I want the infinite! I want wisdom.
These birds want orchards and meadows
and vines with fruit on them.

I want a vast expansion.
They want profit and security
of having enough food.

Remember what the soul wants,
because in that, eternity
is wanting our souls!

Which is the meaning of the text,
They love That, and That loves them.

If I keep on explaining this,
the Mathnawi will run to eighty volumes!

The gist is: whatever anyone seeks,
that is seeking the seeker.

No matter if its animal,
or vegetable, or mineral.

Every bit of the universe
is filled with wanting,
and whatever any bit wants,
wants the wanter!

This subject must dissolve again.

Back to Sadri Jahan and the uneducated peasant
who loved him, so that gradually Sadri Jahan
loved the lowly man. But who really
attracted who, whoom, Huuuu?

Don’t be presumptuous and say one or the other.
Close your lips. The mystery of loving
is God’s sweetest secret.

Keep it. Bury it. Leave it here
where I leave it, drawn as I am
by the pull of the Puller
to something else.

You know how it is. Sometimes
we plan a trip to one place,
but something takes us to another.

When a horse is being broken, the trainer
pulls it in many different directions,
so the horse will come to know
what it is to be ridden.

The most beautiful and alert horse is one
completely attuned to the rider.

God fixes a passionate desire in you,
and then disappoints you.
God does that a hundred times!

God breaks the wings of one intention
and then gives you another,
cuts the rope of contriving,
so you’ll remember your dependence.

But sometimes your plans work out!
You feel fulfilled and in control.

That’s because, if you were always failing,
you might give up. But remember,
it is by failures that lovers
stay aware of how they are loved.

Failure is the key
to the kingdom within.

Your prayer should be, “Break the legs
of what I want to happen. Humiliate
my desire. Eat me like candy.
It’s spring and finally
I have no will.”

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Happiness, Gratitude & small acts of Kindness

Happiness & small acts of Kindness

When we feel love and kindness toward others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace. ~ Dalai Lama


Image from The Kindness Wave Page on Facebook

So a quick little post today, it seems that sometimes themes seem to organically develop in your life.  Recently, as is evidenced by several of the last few posts, kindness has been that theme.  The thing about being kind is that it’s a two for one payoff, you feel good giving it and someone feels good receiving it.

So today just a note to relay a little circle of kindness.  When Hurricane Katrina hit I was at Burning Man in the Nevada Desert, there at the event, a group of amazing individuals decided on the spot to help.  Shipping containers were brought in, donations solicited and after the event, people saddled up and took those supplies to Louisiana to help.  With that act Burners without Borders was born.

So a friend is helping out with a charity auction for Burners without Borders in Seattle and I agreed to send up a couple of photo pieces to be auctioned off.  This morning I went to UPS and sent the pieces off and in the process explained to the clerk why I was sending the package.  After the order was complete he told me to hold on and dashed out to the backroom, he came back and handed me 53 cents.  Now I was confused, the price had been $16.53 and I’d paid by credit card.  He smiled and explained that he personally paid the change on all charity shipments, or for those people he saw being helpful or kind to other customers, his personal little kindness policy.

I unfortunately didn’t get his name, but gave him the site address and hopefully he’s reading this at some point.  This was such a small act but it completed a circle of kindness with tendrils as far away as Nevada and Louisiana, and that 53 cents has kept me smiling all morning.  So thank you Mr. UPS man for your kindness policy, I’m certainly having a happy day my friends ~ Rev Kane

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Happiness, Wisdom, Calvin & Hobbes

Happiness, Wisdom, Calvin & Hobbes

So one of my all-time favorite comic strips was Calvin & Hobbes and it was a depressing day when the final strip was printed so many years ago.  Today an old friend shared with me a wonderful blog piece on the wisdom of life as found in the words of Calvin & Hobbes.  There really is some wonderful advice in the piece and following it could help us all have a happy day, enjoy my friends ~ Rev Kane

happiness calvin hobbes

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New place, new adventure

New place, new adventure

Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things to you. ~ Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

So vacation is finally over and I’ve landed in a new place and started a new job.  I have to admit it’s the best start I’ve ever had in a new place, and the best first week on a job ever.  I’ve taken a position as the Dean of Business, Education and Professional Programs at Skyline College near San Francisco.  I’m also living in San Bruno, about 12 miles from San Francisco.  I’m excited to be so close to San Francisco, I love the Bay Area and particularly the city and am looking forward to exploring it.  First off, in an ever warming world I’m in a place where yesterday I was actually cold in the middle of June, it was glorious.  I enjoyed living in the high desert but I don’t miss the heat at all.  I would always rather be cold than hot and for the first time in my life, I’m very close to the ocean in two directions, the Pacific Coast one way, the San Francisco Bay the other.

Part of landing in a new place is of course exploring.  I’ve made a friend and she’s been playing tour guide, so we’ve done a little hiking and even made a big, yellow, slimy friend.

We visited the Mission District and walked the area looking at the amazing murals.

And attended a fabulously interesting book launch for the book the Best Breakup Ever, where I also had my first Tarot reading.

The reading was only three cards as you can see but was super positive and really matched up with the way I’m feeling right now.  An interesting thing happened in a conversation last week.  Someone, was telling me that their mental landscape was in turmoil, and it provided me with a moment of clarity.  Haven’t had one in quite some time and what I realized was that mine, for the first time in a very long time, is quiet and serene.  This is a result of the work I have been doing for the last 20 years and because I recently resolved something that created a lot of mental turmoil for me.  It feels like things have fallen into place for me finally and it’s a great feeling.

I was excited to find out that in my new job we are working a 4 day, 10 hour schedule in the summer.  So I took advantage of my first Friday off to head down to Half Moon Bay, which is only about 25 minutes from my place to spend some time along the coast.  I did a hike on the Coastal Trail.

And even found a spot to take a few dinosaur pictures for my nephews.

So week one was fantastic, even if I’m not used to getting up so early and still really haven’t caught up on sleep.  So my friends, I hope you have a fabulous week and as always, have a happy day. ~ Rev Kane

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Happiness is Giving: Gear Forward

Happiness is Giving: Gear Forward

Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. ~ Lao Tzu

So today I want to draw your attention to an organization near and dear to my heart, Gear Forward. I met Scott Gauvin, its founder, a couple of years ago and I wrote for his other site, Hiking Forward, while I hiked on the Appalachian Trail. Scott’s a great guy, committed to the outdoors and someone who wants to help people.  One way he’s doing that is by creating his new site.

Scott Gauvin

Scott Gauvin

The concept of Gear Forward is quite simple,  those of us who spend a lot of time outdoors often have a lot of gear, and a lot of extra gear.  As a community, we also tend to be folks who are advocates for helping people get outdoors and appreciate nature.  So what the organization does is simply accept the donations of new and/or gently used gear to donate to kids to help them have the right gear to access the outdoors.

They want to achieve something spectacular in their first year, as a collective outdoor community they want us to help to fill their map with a donation from or to all 50 States by the end of 2016.

How can you help?

  • Donate an outdoor gear item to Gear Forward
  • Identify a need in your community and let us know
  • Spread the word about this effort
  • Get active with Gear Forward and become a Gear Forward Partner
  • As a retailer, help us to collect items at your store to benefit youth in need

If you have any questions about how to get involved please contact us.

So far they have impacted or received donation from 11 states, let’s help them check off all 50 and help some kids have a happy day my friends.  ~ Rev Kane

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Happiness is Poetry: Amanda Oaks

Happiness is Poetry: Amanda Oaks

happiness, poetry

Tonight another poet I found on the recommendation of Hosho McCreesh, her name is Amanda Oaks, give her work a read and have a happy day my friends ~ Rev Kane


If Our Beginning & End Shared a One Bedroom Apartment

The day they move in together the End will say,
I know how ugly I must look to you, but baby,
my entire existence is because of you & for so long,
you didn’t even know that I was alive, but I,
I watched you. I watched your lips
like train whistles taking off their clothes
so they could collide with everything
that was in front of them, watched you
Desert Storm your way into the thick Middle
fencing us off from one another. I thought
it was because you wanted to touch my face, trace
full moon-shaped patterns around my navel, baby, you
were the most beautiful when you wore your bravery
like an open trench coat running across a packed stadium;

& the Beginning, the Beginning will be terrified,
her stomach will flip over on its back, she’ll feel
like a welcome mat in front of the infirmary,
& she’ll say nothing. She’ll say nothing
because everything she ever believed to be true
already crossed the great divide without her.
The End will try so hard to get her to speak,
will try to kiss the words out of her mouth,
will whisper all the good stories that came
between them into her ears but her lips
will stay pressed together like two books
on a shelf, like two frigid legs.

Every morning, he’ll sit her up in bed,
bring her a cup of tea to try & warm
her hands hoping that she’ll lift it to her lips
just once. He’ll get out the record player
in the afternoons & dance around the bed
like a brush on canvas trying to get her to
bloom into him but there will be nothing,
there will be nothing but winter behind
her eyes.

Every night, he’ll settle down into the couch
like a string of red balloons hanging off
the arm of a tree, strung up & deflated,
wavering in the wind & whispering
over & over again, baby, please— please try
to remember how much you loved yourself
before you met me.


‘You Flood’ (audio link to the author reading the poem)

It’s raining your name & five miles back
my windshield wiper eyes gave up on
clearing the way you used to mother me
into thinking that it was okay to love me
like that. It’s raining your name like
the way bones shake when they are
standing in the tallness & balancing
on the hollowed-out surface
of either our love or fear. It’s raining
your name like bomb squad, like
battering ram, like fallout shelter.
It’s raining your name & I want it to be
hymnal. I want it to be like two sets
of legs intertwined inside a sleeping bag
in a covered bed of a pickup truck parked
on a forgotten dirt road. I want it be like
the way the body remembers touch. The way
a smell or a song can jet ski you back 20 years.
It’s raining your name & if it can’t be that,
I’d rather it be volcano ash falling over a town
we just mowed over. I’d rather it be the debris
from the crash between our two airplane hearts
dead-dropping to the ground. It’s raining
your name & I turn slow leak. I turn puddle.
I river. I ocean. I fuckin’ tsunami. You
waterboard. You constant drip. It’s raining
your name & I can’t seem to remember
the way the inside of my head sounds
without it.


How to Appear Dangerous (audio)

When they come at you with all of your crimes
spilling from their hands to tell you that you’re
dangerous, don’t shrink. Believe them. Lift
your dress. Tell them that the city in your soul
never sleeps no matter how many lullabies
have tried to weave their way through its streets.
Tell them about the sirens. The glass. The boys
you made messiahs. The back room at the bar,
the picnic table in the rain, whose bed you woke
up in the morning of 9/11. Don’t hold back.
Tell them. Tell them about the shoplifting.
The slashed tires. The smashed windows.
When they come at you like your skirt
is an invitation. Tell them to go home.
When they come at you with fists,
make your face the storm
that will swallow them


Listen to My Eyes

I often wonder how long we could
carry on without speaking. The last word
hanging astrally abstract in the air.
By morning there’s a whole galaxy
tangled in my hair & I’ve already
dressed myself in vowels.

My tongue has its own zip code,
swollen with words & bleeding
against my seam ripper teeth.

When our mouths don’t open,
the whole universe is silent.

Not even a clang
from one

Just quiet.
Our lips sitting witness
on mountaintops, signal fires
burning to touch.



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Happiness is Poetry: Hosho McCreesh

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Fun Friday: Kids Explain Christmas & Santa

Fun Friday: Kids Explain Christmas & Santa



Kids explain the nativity

Kids explain the story of the origin of Christmas, totally adorable (4:00)

Kids answer questions about Christmas, these are really funny (2:26) Second best line, I don’t know all of this Jesus stuff!  Best line in answer to what would be a good present for Jesus, “to take the nails out of his hands.”

Kids act out the nativity, wow, this is awesome, Mary & Joseph found out they were having the baby Jesus while on a business trip, where? Baltimore. I bet you never knew that Spiderman played a part in the birth of Jesus, did you? (



Kids on Santa

Kids explain how Santa does his job  Amazing theories (7:10)

Kids explain Santa’s magic, Santa’s fat you know but he’s nice (2:43)



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Happiness is Poetry: Micropoetry

Happiness is Poetry: Micropoetry

What is a poet? An unhappy person who conceals profound anguish in his heart but whose lips are so formed that as sighs and cries pass over them they sound like beautiful music. ~ Soren Kierkegaard

Micropoetry is technically any short form poetry like haiku.  However tonight I want to present for you micropoetry as it appears on Twitter.  For those of you not familiar with Twitter, it’s a social media platform where messages are limited to 140 characters.  So micropoetry on Twitter are poems in less than 140 characters.  It’s amazing how powerful some of these micro poems can be in so few words.  So tonight, some micorpoems, if you want to see more, you can always check out my Twitter feed @ministryofhappy

If you click on the link at the top of each piece it will take you to the original tweet.  Enjoy my friends and have a happy day ~ Rev Kane

The way she speaks
You’d think
She marks the tips Of her lips
With poetic ink.


the dragonfly
who told me
I had all summer
no flash of green
across a September sun


Until the waves filled my lungs
and I could no longer see the sun
I didn’t know
that I was lost.


The old ones
still talk in whispers
to the stars
sharing memories
no one else can recall


From the top of your head
Light cascades a soft river,
Pouring the knowing of being
Touched by joy.


in a company of burning stars
eyes of distant nebula fire
Hover over us


Love, a luxury
Meted out in small doses
We are all beggars


The dark takes me back
to the early days
when God spoke softly to me.


They obey
His Word,
Both sublime
And absurd.


How much longer
are these tangled memories of you
going to hover over my bowed head
I miss the sun


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A Whole Bunch of Happiness Signs & Sayings

A Whole Bunch of Happiness Signs & Sayings

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TED Talks on Happiness

 TED Talks on Happiness


Matthieu Ricard

For a few moments, be aware of your potential for change. Whatever your present situation is, evolution and transformation are always possible. At the least, you can change your way of seeing things and then, gradually, your way of being as well. ~ Matthieu Ricard

The holidays are a very stressful time for everyone and an exceptionally hard time for some.  So, until the New Year I’ll be posting a Holiday Happiness post each day to try help folks out who are struggling.  As always you can reach out to me at Happinesskane@aol.com for a kind word or someone to listen. ~ Rev Kane

There have been a number of fabulous TED talks about happiness.  My favorite is by Biochemist turned Buddhist Monk, Matthieu Ricard. So tonight, his talk and some other for you to enjoy and help  you have a happier day my friends ~ Rev Kane

Matthieu Ricard on the habits of happiness (20:54)

Dan Gilbert: The Surprising Science of Happiness (21:16)

Shawn Anchor: The Happy Secret to Better Work (12:20)

Matt Killinsworth: Want to be happy, stay in the moment (10:20)

Stefan Sagmeister: 7 Ways for making more happy (9:33)




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