It’s the little things

It’s the little things


When you’re traveling in the developed world and particularly in the western world there are a lot if similarities. People are very similar, you might not know the language but very often you know the interaction.  Siblings, friends, parents with children react to each other the same way you are used to seeing them act.


There are lots of little differences, like there rarely being ice in your glass.  The fact that breakfast is either more food than you can comprehend or just a pastry and coffee.  It’s the little differences like saying wee instead of little.


One that always hits me is how multilingual people are outside the US. I was in conversation with several people and watched a woman effortlessly switch between, french, english, german and spanish.  The host at the hotel’s breakfast this morning did the same.  It makes me feel incompetent frankly, that I only speak one fluently and 3 at a rudimentary level at best.


These little differences are one of the things I really love about travel, especially when I get to bring them back to my default life.  Those tend to be new types of foods or phrases but serve as little reminders of my life on the road, have a happy Monday my friends.  – Rev Kane 


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36 Hours in Aveiro – Part 2

36 Hours in Aveiro – Part 2


I spent most of today taking pictures of architecture and all the amazing tiles.

Did one of the gondola rides through the canals.  On the boat rode I got a glimpse of an old cemetery.  I unfortunately got there 10 minutes to close, so hopefully I can get back before I catch my train tomorrow.



I also tried a local delicacy, ovos moles, basically a pastry shell filled with egg yolk and lots of sugar, tasted better than it sounds.


Got to see the local salt operation.


And hey, the olive garden at the mall here is an actual olive garden.


Enjoy today’s photos. – Rev Kane







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36 Hours in Aveiro

36 Hours in Aveiro


Day 1

I arrived this afternoon, 4 euro for a one hour train ride is pretty nice. They call Aveiro the Venice of Portugal due to the canals and gondolas that used to collect seaweed, and now ferry tourists around.

I did a little exploring and shooting today, enjoy. – Rev Kane

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Porto – Day 2

Porto – Day 2


So I had a list that if completed would mean 8 miles walking up and down the giant hill that is Porto.  It’s a beautiful city, but damn the hill is a big one.

I started at Livraria Lello a beautiful bookstore famous for being where JK Rowling wrote the first couple chapters of Harry Potter.  Unfortunately now it’s a 40 minute wait to buy a $5 ticket, to get in line to get into a packed bookstore.  So I took this picture and moved on.


The city has a number of parks and gardens, I found the Crystal Palace Gardens to be amazing. even if I never found the palace.  I took a lovely break in the shade there with a cup of raspberry sherbet.


Spent the rest of the day locating churches, vistas and a little fejoada, brazillian black bean stew. It was a wonderful day, tomorrow off to Aveiro.

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Welcome to Porto

Welcome to Porto


Rolled into Porto this afternoon, a very warm afternoon.  I took a minor siesta and then set out to explore Porto.  I headed down to the river, Porto is very hilly.

Over the last few years, due to my blood sugar issues, I’ve rarely eaten bread, rice or pasta.  On this trip, I’ve been eating a lot of carbs and not a lot of protein so I’ve been jonesing for meat. I fixed that tonight with a unique dish to Porto, a Francesinha. A Francesinha is a Portuguese sandwich originally from Porto, made with bread, wet-cured ham, linguiça, fresh sausage like chipolata, steak or roast meat and covered with melted cheese and a hot thick tomato and beer sauce served with french fries mine had a fried egg bonus.


All in all a nice night and some good photos, enjoy – Rev Kane


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No Rest for the Wicked

No Rest for the Wicked


So last night was one of those cup issue nights. You know half empty, or half full?  You see there was a fiesta in the harbor last night.  So of course, there was a band, a rock band, an  enthusiastic and energetic rock band.  They wrapped up their final set at 5AM.  As you can see from the photo, my room was close to the harbor.

The hotel owner had warned me the band might play as late as three. You have a choice, be miserable or go with the flow.  There is another band tonight, lol, welcome to Spain.  No big deal, just sleep in, well until 9:45 when they started firing the cannons for the flotilla.


I gave up and did the hike to the lighthouse at the end of the world.

It was a beautiful day and hike.


Took a little dip in the ocean afterwards and had a nice dinner, definitely a half full kind of day. – Rev Kane



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Welcome to the End of the World

Welcome to the End of the World


I left Santiago de Campostela on a bus today for La Finestre, the emd of the world.  At least that’s what the ancient Pagans and the Romans thought.  This place is the end point for the old Pagan walk to the end of the world.  The hike ended at the point where the lighthouse now stands, I’ll make the hike to the lighthouse tomorrow.  There is a party tonight in the harbor, so I took a little walk down along the harbor, got a kebab and snapped a few photos, enjoy. – Rev Kane

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The Cathedral at Santiago de Campostela

The Cathedral at Santiago de Campostela


So today I spent the day at the Cathedral in Santiago de Campostela the purported resting place of the apostle Saint James.


The cathedral is a pretty amazing place. A tourist attraction, Christian holy site and functioning church all at the same time. I mean there were people doing confession in the middle of it all.


Priest waiting on his next confessor

The altar was insanely gold. Maybe the most amazing thing to me was the organ. The piping was 40 feet high and more ornate than any organ I’ve ever seen.

So here are some interior shots, sharing out the outside with my other Santiago photos both here and on Instagram. Enjoy – Rev Kane

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Santiago de Campostela

Santiago de Campostela


Santiago de Campostela is the finish point for Camino hikes.  It is the purported resting ground for the remains of the apostle St. James in its ornately decorated Cathedral. The city is packed full of religious themed sculpture so tonight a simple post of some of my photos from my first full day here.

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Walking Gijon

Walking Gijon


I wrote in my piece last night about winding down here in Gijon.  There are some interesting contrasts to Oviedo where I had previously been hanging out.  First, the obvious Gijon although only about 49 miles north of Oviedo is a beach town.  A former fishing village with a port.  As such it’s a town focused on beaches, watersports including surfing.  There’s a nice little aquarium here.


Unlike Oviedo there’s not a lot olof street art, mostly the standard statues to past heroes and religious figures. There are a few churches, but nothing like the fancy churches and cathedral in Oviedo.


I like Gijon, the weather is great, the beaches are nice. There’s a walkway along the beach for at least 5 miles. The food has been good.


One other difference is that as a beach community and a little more tourist focused. There’s more English here.  Several of the desk clerks speak English, the entrance person at the aquarium.  A lot more signs here have English translations and generally people seem to be more patient with my bad Spanish.


I’ve enjoyed both towns and would consider coming back someday.  I have one full day left here before I head for Santiago de Campostela  for a few days. Hope you are all well and have a happy day my friends. – Rev Kane

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