Happiness is Adventure

Happiness is Adventure


Originally posted in November 2015

Some deeper posts about all of these soon. However in the last couple of weeks: I’ve been photographing polar bears in the Arctic; swimming with whale sharks, manta rays and sharks at the GA Aquarium; and celebrating Halloween at Fantasy Fest in Key West. A few pics and more soon.







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Happiness is Laughter: Kids Explain the World

Happiness is Laughter: Kids Explain the World

happiness, kids

One of the virtues of being very young is that you don’t let the facts get in the way of your imagination. ~ Sam Levenson

Originally posted September, 2014

Tonight a little tour around the web to find children explaining the world, especially where babies come from, enjoy ~ Rev Kane


Kids debate whether it’s raining or sprinkling, watch it all the way to the end, the end isadorable. (2:03)


Little kid talks about his day and explains where babies come from (3:08)


Hunter has an alternate take on where babies come from (5:27) At 4:12 it gets really nuts.


Kids are handed a walkman and asked to explain what it is (7:23)


Kids explain what dreams are (3:18)




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Happiness Resources: Chocolate, Podcasts & More

Happiness Resources: Chocolate Podcasts & More

double bow 1

Today a little tour around the web to find some things to help you have a happier day my friends ~ Rev Kane

Why Chocolate Really is the Secret to Happiness

The pursuit of Happiness  – a site that covers seven areas that can raise the level of happiness in your life, we’ve talked about a number of them before.

The Happiness Podcast – a blog site that is very much like what we do here on the Ministry of Happiness site.

The happiest places on earth, at least according to Forbes Magazine.

Zen Habits – the absolute class of the web when it comes to living a happier life


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Getting Older Ain’t for Cowards

Getting Older Ain’t for Cowards

beauty, age, happiness

Beauty in age

Enjoy yourself it’s later than you think ~ Chinese Proverb

Originally published in 2014

I had an interesting day on Monday.  Of course there is a quote, that most people consider a curse, may you live in interesting times. A little nerdy side note, I read an article recently about the origins of this quote, apparently it’s not an ancient Chinese proverb.  But Monday felt a bit like a curse in the way it went down.  I went in for elective surgery but it never happened, my blood pressure spiked and so they canceled me out.  Then of course I was sent to a specialist to see what was causing the spike.  The cardiologist then heard a murmur and so now we have blood tests, new medications, an echocardiogram and a stress test.  Hopefully everything is ok, the new medication lowers my blood pressure and I get my surgery rescheduled.

Knowing you are mortal

But the whole affair, particularly opting out of risking a stroke for an elective procedure, got the wheels turning.  A conversation with a friend who is also having some health issues really gave the wheels some juice and at that point John Mellencamp came into my mind.  That’s right, the same guy who put out songs like Jack and Diane, and Little Pink Houses did an album in 2008 about getting older and dying.  It’s a really spectacular album entitled Life, Death, Love and Freedom. There’s a track entitled, Don’t Need This Body, that is really amazing and not at all what you are used to from John Mellencamp. The first line is the title of this post, this getting older ain’t for cowards. It certainly isn’t, and it really isn’t when you finally come to truly understand that you’re mortal.  I told my friend while talking to him at the end of my long Monday, that the reason we feel the way we feel is that at our age we finally KNOW that we are mortal.

aging, happiness, life


This is not a trial run

As far as I know, hell as far as anyone knows for sure, life is a one-time event with no encore.  You can take that in a morbid direction but that’s not how it is intended nor how I mean to take it.  You see there is  positive inspiration in this idea, it gives life a poignancy and makes time an extremely precious commodity.  I’m a little weird in the fact that I’ve understood this from a young age.  Partially it comes from the fact that the first significant death in my life happened when I was five.  My maternal grandfather, someone I spent a lot of time with as a baby and toddler, passed away at the age of 49.  Throughout my life that number, 49, weighed on me, I understood that maybe that’s all you get.  I also understand that our medicine is better, but that I suffered from the same ailment that killed him so long ago.

Then, as a teenager I had friends die, drowning, hit by a train and three suicides.  All of them died before their 20th birthday, one as young as 12, so I knew that maybe that’s all I would get.  That’s the depressing side, the hopeful side is my paternal grandfather who not only lived to 90 but got in a street fight at 87.  These have always been my brackets, today to 90.  I have always feared not getting enough time, so I’ve always tried to make sure if I wouldn’t have the time, I would work hard to get as much life as possible in the time given.

advice, plan, happiness

Great advice

Live for the moment, plan for forever

There is a dichotomy that I try to hold in my mind, you can find it in a lot of quotes.  Live for today, celebrated and enjoy every moment, but never fail to plan for the future.  Holding those two thoughts at once is not always easy, but for me, incredibly necessary.  Hence, I prepare for retirement, but I take my chances at adventure whenever I see them.  I am trying my friends, to squeeze out as much life as possible out of however many years I get and my hope for you is the same.  I write a lot about my adventures, some of the best, photographing polar bears, hiking on the Appalachian Trail, and hiking in the high passes of the Himalayas.  Hopefully I’m just getting started and hopefully you are too my friends and having many happy days. ~ Rev Kane

aging, life, happiness

Have a happy day

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AT Happiness – Galleries: Hikers

AT Happiness – Galleries: Hikers


Rev Kane with Yukon Cornelius my favorite trail name

Originally posted Summer 2015

So today I’m rehabbing a bad knee and have had time to go through my photos from the trail.  I thought today I’d go through and post the photos of some of the fine folks I’ve had the opportunity to hike with since starting the trail.  What I think is interesting is the amazing diversity that the pictures will show in terms of age, size, condition, etc… The one commonality is that all of them shook up their whole damn life and decided to come and hike the Appalachian Trail.  Something that in my eyes makes them all damn fine individuals.

Rev Kane with fellow hiker and vet Mau.

Rev Kane with fellow hiker and vet Mau.

Rev with Hercules aka Vortex

Rev with Hercules aka Vortex

I promised I'd leave him anonymous, but this is hiking bliss on top of Blood Mountain

I promised I’d leave him anonymous, but this is hiking bliss on top of Blood Mountain

Me and Mighty Mouse

Me and Mighty Mouse

Lumpy's predecessor at Standing Bear, Rocket Man

Lumpy’s predecessor at Standing Bear, Rocket Man

The AARP gang with our host Lumpy on the left.

The AARP gang with our host Lumpy on the left.

Awesome, Backtrack, Rev Kan, and the Kingfisher

Awesome, Backtrack, Rev Kan, and the Kingfisher

Me and the Mad Hatter

Me and the Mad Hatter

Me and Cliffhanger

Me and Cliffhanger

Backtrack and Shaggy Hobo

Backtrack and Shaggy Hobo

Me and Tough Cookie (she's back on the trail after appendicitis surgery 6 weeks ago)

Me and Tough Cookie (she’s back on the trail after appendicitis surgery 6 weeks ago)

Michael Kane and John Stewart head for the AT

Michael Kane and John Stewart head for the AT

Petri and Ducky at Springer Mountain

Petri and Ducky at Springer Mountain

Meeting Hanley, the first Twitter friend I met on the trail

Meeting Hanley, the first Twitter friend I met on the trail

Goodman cooking his socks

Goodman cooking his socks

Mad Hatter heading back to the trail

Mad Hatter heading back to the trail

Second Star on top of the rock pile

Second Star on top of the rock pile

The first two thru-hikers I met, traveling on the train to Atlanta

The first two thru-hikers I met, traveling on the train to Atlanta

Backtrack on the Rev on one of the early nights on the trail

Backtrack on the Rev on one of the early nights on the trail

Ramble on Rose, a truly beautiful person

Ramble on Rose, a truly beautiful person

Leap Frog, we met in the privy at Standing Bear Farm. Really awesome hiker.

Leap Frog, we met in the privy at Standing Bear Farm. Really awesome hiker.

Jedi, whose twin brother and I went to law school together 25 years ago!

Jedi, whose twin brother and I went to law school together 25 years ago!

Kingfisher celebrating in Hot Springs.

Kingfisher celebrating in Hot Springs.

Sometimes we relax

Sometimes we relax

Sometimes we relax a lot

Sometimes we relax a lot

Strawberries for lunch

Strawberries for lunch

Section hiker - Hotfoot!

Section hiker – Hotfoot!

Two adorable section hikers I met in the Shenandoah

Two adorable section hikers I met in the Shenandoah

The youngest hiker, Olivia and her mom. She's done 300 miles on the AT and she can't even walk yet.

The youngest hiker, Olivia and her mom. She’s done 300 miles on the AT and she can’t even walk yet.

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My COVID Times Diary – Good News

My COVID Times DiaryGood News

HST good news quote






So tonight, I wanted to take a little twist on my normal COVID Times post.  It’s really easy for these posts to get negative, to reinforce the malaise that we are all suffering under due to the coronavirus pandemic. So tonight, even in the midst of a lot of continuing bad news within the pandemic, let’s look at a few things that seem to be positive.

First let’s start with some aggregated posts with good news:

80 good news stories during the pandemic

6 COVID related good news items about treatments and cures

A site for positive COVID news

Another site of good news for COVID


Next, some positive vaccine news

Pfizer and BioNtech vaccine shows promise

Oxford vaccine is safe and produces antibody response


Finally some positive treatment news

Remdesiver seems to shorten duration of Coronavirus illness

Some encouraging news about Vitamin D

Several other treatments show promise

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Just a Happy Sunday Night

Just a Happy Sunday Night

satisfaction quote








One’s destination is never a place, but another way of looking at things. ~ Arthur Miller

Originally posted on July 26, 2020

So for my weekly post tonight, no lessons, no attempts at wisdom.  Tonight just some personal reflections on my weekend.  Technically my weekend starts at 5PM on Thursday, but COVID 19 has thrown more than a few wrinkles into my job, and so as I was working at 6PM and quite frankly, not happily, working on finishing up a project when I got a text.  It was from my brother, it was a picture of my little nephews looking amazed.  This made me incredibly happy, my propaganda campaign was obviously working.  You see, by training I’m a scientist, I love science.  It comes from having a curious nature, I want to know why, about everything.  I guess given that, it was inevitable that I would end up in science.  So, partially selfishly, but mostly to share my joy of science, since their birth, I have engaged in a propaganda campaign to instill that same joy in them on the hopes of getting at least one scientist out of the eight.  The campaign has been most successful when they are little.  And my brother’s children are 1, 5 and 7.  Happily the older two are also very into books.  So I had sent them a couple of astronomy books and a surprise.  That surprise was a star projector, I own the same one and thought they would dig it.  The image of them when it was first turned on was them staring wide-eyed, mouths agape staring at the ceiling.  That image made me incredibly happy.  My littlest niece had some peaches and when you’re one year-old, peaches win!

My mood has been slowly tanking lately.  Work has been insane this summer, there’s really been no break.  And while I’m thankful, in an economy with over 30 million out of work and a real unemployment rate of 20%, I’m tired.  For over four months, the workload in my office has been at least double.  My assistant has been under this gun as well, and she’s also working from home, but with three children.  She’s been juggling twice the workload and learning how to be a teacher as well. The stress has not been overwhelming, but it’s been constant and at a high level.  I don’t make any claims that I’m alone in this, I think all of us have been feeling it.  Because above and beyond our personal situation, we are currently seeing 1,000 people a day dying from coronavirus.  The political divisions of our country are so deep that they have spilled over into making protecting your very health a political issue.  Our economy is on tenuous footing at best, we’re at least restricted in our ability to travel and see others.  Add to that protests in many cities, some violent, and people are anxious.  I can see it by the lengths of lines in front of a local gun store.  People are scared and stressed and they are buying guns and ammunition I think, to do something they can control.  All of this weight that we are all feeling, I’m feeling as well and it’s weighing my mood down.

So this weekend I needed to just do some things that made me feel good.  For me, both for the good and the bad, a lot of that surrounds food.  When my mood tanks I need to eat well, and feel satiated, one way to do that is with good deserts, comfort food and my drug of choice, Coca-Cola.  However, in trying to control my blood sugar, those aren’t really options beyond my weekly cheat meal.  So I’ve been on the lookout for new recipes that are healthy and would satisfy my desires.  I found a recipe recently that I really wanted to try, a recipe for zucchini fritters.  It’s low carb and does something really good for me, and that is it’s a side dish.  I’ve been making a lot good low carb entrees, but my side dishes have been limited to cooked and raw vegetables and I’ve been missing having something else.  The fritters, here’s the recipe, were easy to make, the only ingredients I needed to pick up were ricotta cheese and almond flour.

So here’s a little review of the process that I went through.  First off, I rarely make a recipe as is.  First, I found the recipe to be a little bit bland, so I decided to add some things to spice it up.  So in addition to the shredded zucchini, I also added minced red bell peppers, scallions, garlic and some jalapeno peppers.  I also used liquid eggs instead of whole eggs, for me that works better if you have to adjust amounts and turned out to be a good thing with this recipe.  Here’s what the batter looked like:

zucchini fritter recipe







Then you heat up a thin layer of oil and drop them in:

The first batch that I did had two deficiencies.  First, they didn’t hold together very well, so I added more eggs and almond flour.  Second, although good, they needed a little salt and pepper.  So I decided to, once I dropped in the batter, salt and pepper each fritter and that worked very well, I just did it on the first side.

After that, they came out very well.  The only issues were getting the heat level right, I had it a little to high in the beginning which over cooked them a little.  You have to wait for them to cook a bit before they are solid enough to flip.  If the heat is too high they get over cooked on the first side.  The second was getting the oil level correct.  You want a really thin level of oil.  I made five batches in all, and the last three came out really well.

zucchini fritter recipe








I’ve enjoyed them twice so far, first as part of a Mexican food dinner.  I make what I can only describe as a Mexican stew, pork stew meat, beans, black olives, scallions, peppers, jalapenos, spices and a can of my favorite commercially available salsa, Herdez Salsa Taquera.  I topped the stew with some cheese and instead of making the dipping sauce from the recipe site, I used a little salsa verde.








This morning I enjoyed them with a veggie and cheese omelet and some sausage.








I am really happy with the way they turned out and being able to make a big batch and store them through the week means I will get to mix up my vegetables with another side dish.

Finally this weekend I did a little dreaming.  I have somewhere in the neighborhood of five years until I retire.  And over the last year or so I’ve started thinking about my living situation once I retire.  I’ve decided that I’ll likely be leaving California.  I’m hoping to buy a home in the east, hopefully within a few hours of family, waterfront property and something that’s got a little land, is a little remote but within a reasonable distance to a city.  Rhode Island is becoming a focus of my search, as are lakes in the Adirondacks and Southern Maine.  I spent a good amount of time looking at homes for sale Friday night.  There were a number that fit my criteria all under $300,000.  Some at even half that price, so that gave me some hope to accomplish my goal.

My retirement plan at this point looks like living in that home from Apr/May to Oct/Nov.  I hope to spend three months a year in Oaxaca City, Mexico like I did a couple of years ago.  That means February to May each year is available for travel and long-distance hiking.  I tentatively hope to celebrate my 60th birthday the same way I did my 50th, by attempting a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail.  Now of course all of this depends on my health and the universe not throwing any major curve-balls in my direction.  That has rarely been the case in my life, which why I have always said, my planning consists of picking a direction, and the universe will give me a final destination.  Have a happy day my friends. ~ Rev Kane


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Hiking Happiness: Bear Creek Redwoods

Hiking Happiness: Bear Creek Redwoods

bear creek redwoods

Look deeper into nature, you’ll understand everything better ~ Albert Einstein

Originally published July, 2019

So I have a friend who is visiting family back east and she left me with a couple of challenges before she went and one of them was to do a new hike.  So, always up for a challenge, I had remembered reading recently about a new trail that had recently opened up just outside of San Jose near Los Gatos.  The trail is called Bear Creek Redwoods and it was the formal site of a Jesuit Theological College and its grounds.  The site is over 1400 acres of secondary growth redwood and fir forest.  Recently the site has been bought and set up as a reserve, trail work has been done as well as some site renovation.  There’s a new parking lot, bathrooms and trails.  There will be more trails in the future but right now the primary trail is a nearly 7 mile hike that leads from the parking area up 1400 feet to Madronne Knoll.

Down at the parking area is a lovely little pond called Upper Lake, sorry it’s just not big enough for me to refer to it as a lake.

bear creek redwoods

You cross the rode to the Alma Trail and immediately start going up.  The initial tenth of a mile is steep then it settles into a more gradual climb.  There were some beautiful trees early on in the hike.

bear creek redwoods

A little further up the trail I heard a red tailed hawk calling and here’s a link to that sound, it’s one of my favorite bird calls.

After the initial steep climb the trail settles into about a 400 foot per mile climb.  You do a mile before the first junction to a trail that creates a loop with the Alma trail.  I’ll talk more about the Redwood Springs Trail a little later on.

bear creek redwoods

Heading past the first trail junction, you climb another mile up to the second junction point with the Redwood Springs Trail.  At the same point you hit the junction point for the Madronne Knoll trail.  at this point you are at around 1800 feet with 600 feet to climb to the knoll over the next 0.9 miles.

The last kick up to Madronne Knoll is good workout.  The knoll is not the most exciting spot, at this point at least for me, I’d hiked up into the fog.  So there was no view off of the Knoll and just a little loop road that runs around it for 0.2 miles.  Perhaps if you catch a day without the fog you might get a view.  However, without the fog and the cool wind that comes with it, the hike might get a bit toasty.

I returned to the parking lot via the Redwood Springs  Trail and I have a little warning for you.  At first, as you expect, you start heading down, but then, after you have descended a few hundred feet you hit a spot where you switchback up about 100 over about two tenths of a mile.  Not a terrible climb but when you are mentally prepared to be descending, to suddenly have to climb hits you mentally, so fair warning.  The trail then runs the 1800 foot contour of the mountain until a quick drop down back to the Alma Trail.

It was really wonderful to be on a brand new trail.  The trail was perfectly groomed, no roots, no rocks, no trees across the trail.  packed dirt and blue stone logging road for the most part.  It turns to a more traditional trail up near the top, but again a trail that hasn’t been beaten on by feet, wind and water for decades.  This made the walking really easy, even when it was steep.  Another advantage is that with no trip hazards, it was comfortable keeping your head up and looking around far more than you normally would. You should carry water, but there are a couple of small streams that cut the Alma and Redwood Springs Trails.  They were small but running in mid-July so likely spring fed and year round.  Even so, I’d recommend filtering if you use them for a drinking water source.

The whole hike, including a nice 20 minute break to eat my peanut butter and honey sandwich took three and a half hours.  I don’t hike fast normally and I average 3 miles an hour coming down so, I was only doing about a mile and a half an hour going up.  That did however include stopping to take pictures and investigate some of the more interesting spots like a fence line and old chimney off the side of the trail.

bear creek redwoods

As any hike in the Bay Area, there are more people on the trail than I normally like to see, even on a Friday morning.  But it wasn’t horribly crowded, I’m someone who prefers to walk solo, slow and quiet.  That approach gets me more wildlife viewing but even today I saw a red-shouldered hawk, heard a red-tailed hawk, saw a few squirrels and lizards.  The area is said to contain a lot of wildlife (black-tail dear, bobcats, mountain lions etc…) unfortunately didn’t see any of them today.

It was a calm and happy day my friends, hope yours was the same. ~ Rev Kane



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Pushing Positivity

Pushing Positivity

Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative  stress  into a positive one.  ~ Hans Seyle

Originally posted April, 2019

Well, a lot has been going on in terms of the job search.  I’ve had several interviews and I have several more scheduled.  I’m hopeful to have an offer soon, but things don’t seem to be moving forward so maybe I missed on the first  job, maybe it’s just moving slowly and likely I’m over thinking the whole process.  You see that’s the problem with job hunting, I have very little control.  I’m someone who is quite fond of control, I feel responsible for my own actions and can be that way because I usually have a great deal of control, as we all do, over what happens in my life.  This is one area however that I have almost none and it has me in limbo land.

As someone fond of control, limbo land is a really terrible and stressful place to be.  You see as this process slowly winds forward and I can’t travel or take off to do fun stuff.  So, I’m sort of stuck hanging out and waiting.  Don’t get me wrong I’m staying productive, I read every day, write almost every day, I study Spanish religiously every day and work out most days.  I’ve also been using my time to catch up with old friends, in fact, dropped a couple of notes on friends I haven’t talked to in over 30 years and was excited to hear back from both.

I’ve also been living in a decent size American city for the first time in a long time and frankly traffic is driving me nuts.  People drive like lunatics and turn into rage monkeys sometimes for purely mysterious reasons, sometimes it’s more obvious.  Usually, I handle all of this pretty well and don’t engage but I have to admit totally and honestly, justifiably losing my cool once last week.  Although I feel it was justified it bothered me that I engaged and so since then I’ve really been trying to push positivity.

What do I mean by pushing positivity?  Just what it sounds like, trying to be overly friendly, kind, grateful and forgiving.  It’s not always easy in a world where people seem to be increasingly self-absorbed.  So it means all of the little things, smiling, being grateful, it means holding doors even for that person who normally would be too far away.  It means being less concerned with getting places fast, letting that guy turn in front of you and sometimes two cars.  It also means doing your best not to engage people as they gripe, grouse, flip you off and turn into rage monkeys.  For a long time I’ve tried to de-escalate these folks by giving them the prayer hands to say I’m sorry.  And I try to blow kisses at the rage monkeys, especially when they are male, they don’t seem to know quite what to do with that, but it typically ends the encounter.

The world would be a better place if we all did this, consistently.  I’m even trying to garner support for the idea of making Mondays on Social Media a non-negativity day.  Try to get folks, just one day a week, to not post politics, disaster, dystopia or other negative topics.  One day a week to fill our feeds with positivity, humor and happiness, I’m going to call it Magnificent Mondays, I hope you will all consider doing the same, and push some more positivity, it will help you have happier days my friends. ~ Rev Kane

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Learning like a child

Learning like a child

Curiosity is the wick of the candle of learning. ~ William Arthur Ward

Originally posted November, 2018

I suddenly really have a lot of respect for three year-olds.  Because you see, in terms of learning Spanish right now, I’m basically a three year-old.  The parallels are frightening.  I can tell you in Spanish what I want to eat, I can point to what part of me hurts.  In context and when being able to generally anticipate what the conversation will be about, I’m right there with you.  But when the subject is unexpected, or you use a complicated term, I have a tendency to either stare blankly or smile and nod like a confused three-year old.

This means my life on the Spanish language spectrum is a bloody roller-coaster.  Yesterday in the mini-market by my house I held my own in a conversation with two Oaxacans.  I understood enough of what they said, to be able to understand and respond accordingly and felt really good.  Then this morning at the market, when I pulled out my phone I dropped my shopping list.  A really nice older man pointed at the ground and said something quickly.  I had no idea, at first I thought he was yelling at me perhaps for taking the picture I took, which made absolutely no sense, then I finally caught the Spanish word for paper and looked back to see my list on the ground.   Because the topic was wholly unexpected my brain just couldn’t keep up.

In one sense that seems terrible, but I’m so much better than I was a couple of weeks ago.  Language school here in Oaxaca has been incredibly helpful.  It’s been a really comfortable environment to learn in and I’m really glad I took this opportunity.  My interactions in the street at the market and in restaurants have really improved.  I feel far more confident and more willing to engage.

In many ways in learning Spanish I’m like an idiot savant.  On one had my pronunciation needs a lot of work, my vocabulary is pretty good but at times I’m really advanced.  I have the benefit of having previously studied both Italian and Portuguese.  My level of Portuguese was pretty high fifteen years ago and this has the effect of at times making me seem really advanced, and at other times getting me utterly confused between the two languages.

This situation is exactly what I wanted, I love learning and although at times it can be frustrating, it is a really positive change.  What travel and learning in general do for you is give you purpose, challenge you, get you out of your comfort zone and help you grow, all of these things together will make you happier.  I can’t wait for the day when I feel fairly comfortable in Spanish, it’s not here yet, but I’m on my way.  Have a happy day my friends. ~ Rev Kane

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