Appalachian Trail Happiness: Thru-hike Food Recommendations & Recipes

Appalachian Trail Happiness: Thru-hike Food Recommendations & Recipes

Sometimes you get real hungry on the trail

Sometimes you get real hungry on the trail

A crude meal, no doubt, but the best of all sauces is hunger. ~ Edward Abbey,
Desert Solitaire

So I will keep my own personal comments to a minimum tonight as I am one of the worst possible persons to talk to about trail food.  Why? Well very simply a long time ago I came to the realization that I’m lazy and what I want when I’m hiking or camping is food that consists of three things.  First it should be tasty enough to be eaten with great repetition.  Second, it should be easy to store and make.  Third, there should be minimal clean-up, I hate doing the dishes in the default world and only hate it a little bit less on the trail.

So this leads to me eating a lot of Mountain House, seriously, Mountain House folks, if you’re reading this, I should absolutely be your national spokesman.  Mountain House Beef Stroganoff is good enough that if I’m being really lazy, I’ll make it at home.  Other brands are good as well, a lot of it is personal preference and most of them are available at almost all of your resupply stops on the trail.  Sometimes it takes a little bit to figure out where in town to find them, but I rarely was unable to find them in town somewhere.  Oh, and BTW, stay away from the Mountain House Pasta Primavera, it’s awful.

Brassie Brook Shelter

Brassie Brook Shelter

I didn’t eat dehydrated food for every meal, cooking takes effort and I’m lazy, have I mentioned that yet? Lunches for me on the trail ran the spectrum from subs and sandwiches coming out-of-town, to summer sausage and crackers, to lots of tortillas with pepperoni and cheese, peanut butter, honey, tuna fish, chicken, etc…  Yes, like everyone else, I ate a lot of Cliff Bars and their cousins.  Breakfast is really bad for me, I have a hard time eating when I first get up, especially when I’m getting up at dawn.  However, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, seriously, not eating in the morning is a huge mistake.  So, given it’s importance I ate a lot of  those little chocolate donuts early on and a lot of Belvita breakfast bars as things warmed up.  I also while it was colder was fond of Hershey Special Dark Chocolate Bars dipped in peanut butter.

You’ll notice I did not mention the words Ramen or Knorr  in my descriptions above.  I ate a total of zero ramen and one Knorr pasta side the whole time I was on the trail.  That makes me really, really strange compared to most thru-hikers.  Again, lazy, not wanting a lot of clean-up.  The trade-off is repetition and a much less exciting dining experience.

I saw a lot of people cooking a lot of great stuff on the trail.  Smaller company dehydrated meals, Tasty Bite vegan meals, pasta, vegetables, Ramen, oatmeal and hot dogs (usually right out-of-town)  I did almost none of this so I’ll let the resources I’m posting direct you to how to do this and do this well.  There are a decent amount of wild foods on the trail once things warms up, scallions, ramps, mushrooms (but ONLY if you really know what you’re doing), the occasional fruit tree and of course lots of berries.

Snacks could be just about anything and I saw everything from the standard, energy bars, GORP, nuts, cookies, crackers, cheese sticks, all kinds of chips to the more exotic things like a can of sardines, yes that really happened.  Basically if you’re willing to carry the weight it’s on the menu.  Most people forego any real consideration of nutrition beyond calories and what tastes good but I did see people paying attention to the details, but they were honestly few and far between.  Then of course there is town food and the gluttony filled orgy that eating after days on the trail can become, but for this post I’m focusing on resources for on-trail food. A lot of the posts will center around calories per ounce, you get that already, so I won’t explain it other than to say everyone carries too much food.

20150824_194342So, some links to recommendations on what to carry and eat, how to make it, recipes and even a few nutty suggestions, enjoy and I hope this helps you have a happier thru-hike my friends ~ Rev Kane


The Appalachian Trail Conservancy’s Resupply Page – Good basic information on resupply and bounce boxes

Ten Ultralight Backpacking Foods – This list is the absolute basics in the calorie per ounce competition, although they left off Frito’s corn chips, how do you leave off something that not only tops out on the calorie to weight list but is also utterly flammable to the point of being able to be used as a fire starter?

Andrew Skurka – Andrew knows his shit, and this is a good solid page of recommendations of how to eat, cook, carry and shop.

Adventure Allen’s food page – I really like this page, there is a lot of good information and suggestions as well as a small section on stove options.  Given what I was doing a Jet Boil made the most sense to me but there was a huge range of stoves on the trail.

Hiking Dude’s Food Page – A general page with links to more specifics, not a lot of recipes or details but especially if you’re feeling like you have no idea where to start, this would be that place.

REI’s basics for food – If you’re an experienced hiker skip this page

Lower Gear Food Prep Page – I like this page, it’s pretty basic but it gives some of the detailed basic ideas other pages assume you already know.

White Blaze Board – Always go to for anything AT related there will always be a discussion somewhere about what you’re interested in learning about.  The link I’ve connected to is the cooking and food forum.

From – A nice short discussion of nutrition on the trail

Appalachian Trail Food: Our Favorite Mealsa nice post about the actual meals these thru-hikers ate on their hike.


Outdoors Stack Exchange Food Discussion – Never heard of it before, me neither but in the discussion there is a nice list of positives and negatives for a lot of hiking foods and some great suggestions from other commenters.

19 Homemade Hiking Foods – A really cool list GREAT for day hikes but some of the selections might be good for making early and adding to drop boxes or if you have someone at home doing boxes they could make and add these.  There are items in here I never thought of or have seen before, interesting list.

A week of lightweight meals – a nice page with a good sample week of food.  Remember, you’re doing a series of 3-5 day hikes so you’d never need to carry this much food.

Five really solid basic recipes – Five recipes that are doable easy and look tasty from Erik the Black’s Page.


Trail Recipes – Is probably the most extensive site I’ve ever seen about trail food.  It also includes a section on learning how to dehydrate food etc… An excellent resource.

Outdoor Gear Lab’s Best Backpacking Foods – Some good ideas with recipes and some prep tricks to make some stuff you don’t ordinarily see on the trail.  You’ll look like a damn trail chef with some of these.

Backpacking Food Recipes – From Wild Back a great list of recipes for every meal and snacks with almost everything available in the grocery store.

Backpacking Chef – A ton of recipes submitted by hikers as well as the site people, huge list.

Back Packer Magazine’s Recipe Pages – I didn’t dive deep into these, the variety looks great but I’m not sure a lot of these will work on a thru-hike.

Gourmet Backpacking Recipes – Come on, you know you want to whip one of these out in Georgia and impress all the newbie hikers

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Happiness, Relaxation & Downtime

Happiness, Relaxation & Downtime

happiness, relaxation

Happiness, relaxation and downtime

Turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream. ~ John Lennon

I think today’s post falls into the category of duh philosophy.  You know it’s like when people tell you exercise is good for you, duh.  But we all need time to decompress, I think we all get this from the vantage point of taking vacations, although I think many of us take vacations that stress us out more than our non-vacation lives.  A bit of advice, if your vacation includes multiple schedules and destinations, if you’re concerned about how things will work or if they will time out, then your vacation is liable to make you more stressed than relaxed.

However what I’m talking about today is more of the daily relaxation.  We all need to find that few minutes or bit of time each day to relax.  Some people meditate in the morning or at night, others go to the gym or for a run.  Some people find fifteen minutes a day just to sit somewhere quiet or take a walk away from work or home.  Heck, take a ten minute walk to the store and get a piece of chocolate everyday, whatever will give you peace and a little bit of break.  I see lots of articles about how having a drink or two each day is good for you, it’s not the drink, it’s that the people who do that take a little bit of time to relax each day, we should follow their example with or without the alcohol.

For me, photography is one of the ways I relax, shooting pictures and even the organizing and sharing them is very relaxing for me.  Photography is usually a big part of any time off I take.   So, in hopes of giving you a reason to take a couple of minutes to relax and hopefully raise a smile or two, here are a few shots of my favorite shots.  Have a look and have a happy day my friends ~ Rev Kane

smiling baby self yak fix double bow 1 angel fix lgeorge fix fix a1 love truck fix 276 bman dawn fix glake scnd valley

Mardi Gras: Krewe of the Bossom Buddies

Happiness is Burning Man 2014

Happiness is Great Photography: Great Sites

Happiness is Photography: The Himalayas

Mardi Gras 2016

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A Mindfulness Day as a Way to Happiness

A Mindfulness Day as a Way to Happiness

mindfulness and happiness

In mindfulness one is not only restful and happy, but alert and awake. Meditation is not evasion; it is a serene encounter with reality.                             ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Recently I had the absolute pleasure of spending three days on a silent retreat at the New Camaldoli Hermitage about 20 miles south of Big Sur, California.  First off the hermitage was wonderful, simple and good accommodations and food, the brothers were excellent hosts.  For three days I was situated on a cliff side above the Pacific Ocean, no phones, no internet, no television or radio reception.  Three days of quiet contemplation and reading, time to meditate and just be.

During this period of time I also read one of Thich Nhat Hanh’s book on mindfulness it was a wonderful read.  One of the things that really struck home was the idea of a mindfulness day.  Contemplating on mindfulness is something I do, but the idea of a full day, once a week, to practice mindfulness was something I hadn’t considered.

The idea is quite simple, setting a day aside with a focus on mindfulness.  A quiet day, focused on yourself, your home and garden but all done slowly, mindfully focusing on each moment of this special day.  I will be trying this next weekend, I let you know how it goes.

Developing an understanding of the immediacy of life while preparing for the future is one of the very keys to happiness and a way for you to have an absolutely happy day my friends ~ Rev Kane

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Getting Older Ain’t for Cowards

Getting Older Ain’t for Cowards

beauty, age, happiness

Beauty in age

Enjoy yourself it’s later than you think ~ Chinese Proverb

I had an interesting day on Monday.  Of course there is a quote, that most people consider a curse, may you live in interesting times. A little nerdy side note, I read an article recently about the origins of this quote, apparently it’s not an ancient Chinese proverb.  But Monday felt a bit like a curse in the way it went down.  I went in for elective surgery but it never happened, my blood pressure spiked and so they canceled me out.  Then of course I was sent to a specialist to see what was causing the spike.  The cardiologist then heard a murmur and so now we have blood tests, new medications, an echocardiogram and a stress test.  Hopefully everything is ok, the new medication lowers my blood pressure and I get my surgery rescheduled.

Knowing you are mortal

But the whole affair, particularly opting out of risking a stroke for an elective procedure, got the wheels turning.  A conversation with a friend who is also having some health issues really gave the wheels some juice and at that point John Mellencamp came into my mind.  That’s right, the same guy who put out songs like Jack and Diane, and Little Pink Houses did an album in 2008 about getting older and dying.  It’s a really spectacular album entitled Life, Death, Love and Freedom. There’s a track entitled, Don’t Need This Body, that is really amazing and not at all what you are used to from John Mellencamp. The first line is the title of this post, this getting older ain’t for cowards. It certainly isn’t, and it really isn’t when you finally come to truly understand that you’re mortal.  I told my friend while talking to him at the end of my long Monday, that the reason we feel the way we feel is that at our age we finally KNOW that we are mortal.

aging, happiness, life


This is not a trial run

As far as I know, hell as far as anyone knows for sure, life is a one-time event with no encore.  You can take that in a morbid direction but that’s not how it is intended nor how I mean to take it.  You see there is  positive inspiration in this idea, it gives life a poignancy and makes time an extremely precious commodity.  I’m a little weird in the fact that I’ve understood this from a young age.  Partially it comes from the fact that the first significant death in my life happened when I was five.  My maternal grandfather, someone I spent a lot of time with as a baby and toddler, passed away at the age of 49.  Throughout my life that number, 49, weighed on me, I understood that maybe that’s all you get.  I also understand that our medicine is better, but that I suffered from the same ailment that killed him so long ago.

Then, as a teenager I had friends die, drowning, hit by a train and three suicides.  All of them died before their 20th birthday, one as young as 12, so I knew that maybe that’s all I would get.  That’s the depressing side, the hopeful side is my paternal grandfather who not only lived to 90 but got in a street fight at 87.  These have always been my brackets, today to 90.  I have always feared not getting enough time, so I’ve always tried to make sure if I wouldn’t have the time, I would work hard to get as much life as possible in the time given.

advice, plan, happiness

Great advice

Live for the moment, plan for forever

There is a dichotomy that I try to hold in my mind, you can find it in a lot of quotes.  Live for today, celebrated and enjoy every moment, but never fail to plan for the future.  Holding those two thoughts at once is not always easy, but for me, incredibly necessary.  Hence, I prepare for retirement, but I take my chances at adventure whenever I see them.  I am trying my friends, to squeeze out as much life as possible out of however many years I get and my hope for you is the same.  I write a lot about my adventures, some of the best, photographing polar bears, hiking on the Appalachian Trail, and hiking in the high passes of the Himalayas.  Hopefully I’m just getting started and hopefully you are too my friends and having many happy days. ~ Rev Kane

aging, life, happiness

Have a happy day

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Happiness & Forgiveness

Happiness & Forgiveness

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong               ~ Mahatma Gandhi

forgiveness, happiness

Happiness and Forgiveness

So there is the obvious thread here, forgiveness is a good thing. If you can truly forgive the people who have done your wrong, you no longer have to carry around the baggage associated with those people. Not an easy thing to do, and I have personally worked for decades to forgive some of the people in my past. Recently, I’ve incorporated forgiveness into my daily meditations and it has begun to help, I’m closing in on a more forgiving and happier place. Life is too short to spend time holding on to negative feelings, here’s an interesting piece on the 7 keys to forgiveness, it’s where I stole the image from.

Recently I was watching an episode of William Shatner’s Raw Nerve, it was an episode featuring Drew Carey. Now if you’ve never seen this show, click on the link and read a blog entry about the series. I think, in all seriousness, it may be the best interview show that has ever been on television. I haven’t seen Drew Carey on anything in quite some time, apparently he’s hosting the Price is Right these days. However, this is not the Drew Carey I remember; he’s older, more serious and absolutely more thoughtful and spiritual. While being interviewed by Shatner he said something I found to be very profound. He said he’s working on getting to a place where he forgives in advance.

All of us strive to be people who forgive, and we would love to become the type of person who forgives quickly. But Drew Carey was talking about forgiving in advance and this was the example he used. Someone cuts you off in traffic, you honk your horn or worse and then, later a few minutes or a few hours you think, gee why did I get so upset, in the grand scheme of things that was nothing and you forgive that person. A great thing would be the type of person who can thank immediately, you get cut off and as you start to react, you come to forgiveness and stop. Now imagine, forgiveness in advance, someone cuts you off and you’ve already forgiven their error. There would be no need to get upset, not even for a second.

Now, personally I’m not there yet, but listening to Drew Carey it seemed like a really wonderful idea. Me personally, I still feel like if I forgive everyone, somehow it just lets the jerks getaway with being jerks. But that’s what this ministry is about, finding ways to improve our lives so that we can be happier. I hope this helped you have a happy day my friends ~ Rev Kane

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Happiness is wanting less

Happiness is Wanting Less

bottle wall 2

Happiness is a way station between too little and too less ~ Channing Pollock

For today’s post I decided to write about happiness and wanting less.  You see we are all always, particularly as Americans, told that more is better.  We’ll be happy when we get a bigger house, a pretty spouse, more kids, a nicer car.  But that’s not the answer; the real answer is underneath all of that.  What is it that you really need to be happy?  Does what you need to do to make you happy require that you be rich or famous?  Or is it that you simply haven’t truly addressed the question.  This is to the core of why the Ministry of Happiness was created, to help all of us, you and me, to find out the true answer to the question, what makes you happy?

What is it that you need in your life for you to live the happy and fulfilled life we all dream of living?  Below is a link to an article that addressed this question magnificently and hits the point perfectly, enjoy and have a happy day my friends ~ Rev Kane

How to want less and be happy about it

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Happiness & Mindfulness

Happiness & Mindfulness


See if paying attention to the nature of the mind early in the morning makes your mind more alert throughout the day. Your thoughts certainly will be more tranquil. The conceptual mind that runs on thinking of good things, bad things, and so forth will get a rest. A little non-conceptuality can provide a much-needed vacation.  ~  Dalai Lama

What the Dalai Lama is referring to here is mindfulness, the act of being fully engaged in the present, focused solely on this moment and this moment alone.  Mindfulness can provide a greater awareness of who you are and what is truly happening in your life and the first step to true happiness is a thorough understanding of where you truly are on your path.

Here are a couple of pieces on mindfulness and how it can make you happier, enjoy
~ Rev Kane

From The Happiness Trap 

Want a Happier Brain? Try Mindfulness

Make happiness a habit through mindfulness

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Happiness is Poetry: Dominique Lowell

Happiness is Poetry: Dominique Lowell

poetry, poems, writing

Dominique Lowell

Poetry is thoughts that breathe, words that burn. ~ Thomas Gray

A warning right off of the bat, Dominique Lowell will not be for everyone.  If you like flowery, lovely poetry stop now.  If you like your poetry, in your face, rude, full of explicit language and vulgar language, read on. Which of course is what I like it’s why I really dig poets like Sapphire and Warsan Shire.  It’s hard to find any of Dominique Lowell’s work online, I’ve read a few of her pieces in compilations.  I found her in the American Bible of Outlaw Poetry, my favorite poetry compilation.  So I’ve gathered up two pieces for you tonight.  Enjoy! ~ Rev Kane

I’ve just about had it with all of you a Youtube performance of spoken word poetry

poem, poet, poetry

Women are Hungry

women are hungry
they be hoes
they be sittin on your stoop waitin to drink your beer
eat your food
suck your dick
women are hungry

they need your favorite shirt your leather jacket
a house and a car
they just neeeeeed
they wanna tell you things, pretty little things about
the light in your eyes and the feel of your thighs
they wanna shave your balls
have you tell them about every clit you ever licked every ass
you ever eyed so they can
slice them all to ribbons
they’re insatiable
it’s biological

they just want and want and stretch their yearning arms at you
their craving lusting insatiable envelopes gawking open mouthed
must have must have must have it

whore mother goddess priestess convict jailer
needy neeedy needy needy
need your sperm need your job need space need more impossible paint
for another impossible face
crimson lips and concrete sharpened nails
blackened purple eyes
the beaten look, that’s it
already been hit

feed me
feed me beer and cigarettes and dead idols who make me feel like
I might have a reason to die too
give me War and Coca-Cola and the promise of another American
give me another good song to dance to
tell me I’m not fat
tell me my tits are jewels, my nipples gumpdrops
tell me we can pay the rent tomorrow
tell me we are just like John and Yoko only I get to die first
O.K.? I get to be the one they light the candles for in Central
Park, O.K.?

Fuck Women.
They are such sluttish catfight evile bitches
every one of them
Beware. Beware.
They know what they are doing.
Does that scare you, are you scared

women are hungry
hungry for balance
I been called a whore so many times I almost became one
and it’s not you personally I want anything out of
It’s the world
the World owes me BigTime
The World leaves me hungry

— Dominique Lowell, “Women Are Hungry” (as appears in New American Underground Poetry: Vol. 1: The Babarians of San Francisco – Poets from Hell

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Happiness, it’s all About Your Attitude

Happiness, it’s all About Your Attitude

burning man happiness

Dawn at Burning Man

Adopting the right attitude can turn a negative stress into a positive one         ~ Hans Selye


So tonight a deeply personal post about attitude.  I’m going to start with an old joke and inserts some realities from my life.  Someone asks how are you?

Me, well – my blood pressure is too high, my blood sugar is out of balance, my knees are shit, the bursitis in my shoulder is acting up, work is draining my soul and the love of my life will soon be celebrating her 10th or 11th wedding anniversary with another man on my birthday.

But you know me, I can’t complain.

If you know me and read it in my voice you didn’t do it justice, it really works with a crusty old woman’s voice, I always here the voice of the neighbor in Rosemary’s Baby.

Everything I mentioned in the quote above is actually true, but it comes from a negative perspective and attitude.  You see, I could just as easily paint everything above in a completely different way.

My blood pressure which I inherited from my mother’s family is too high but it’s controlled by medication which I’m utterly grateful for because in the 60’s my grandfather literally died from a brain hemorrhage related to his uncontrolled blood pressure.

My blood sugar is out of balance, but only at the moment, it’s controlled by my food intake and I’m back to eating well again and in a few weeks it will be back under control soon.

My knees are shit, but not too the point that they constantly hurt and they don’t prevent me from doing what I want to do.  My knee problems have also forced me to stay in better shape and build up my legs and lose weight to take the pressure off of them.

The bursitis in my left shoulder is acting up but it’s nothing compared to the problem I’d had in my right shoulder and it’s really just a minor inconvenience, solved with a some Aleve.

happiness, flowers, poppies

A positive beautiful day

Work on Yourself

Work is draining my soul but only because I want to be doing something more and I got a taste of it.  But hell, I’ve got a really well paying job that gives me excellent health care, five weeks of vacation a year, doesn’t make me punch a clock and is allowing me to work toward a really good retirement and plan so eventually I’ll be able to do what I want full-time.

The last one is the really hard one, because the way to look positively on the situation is to be grateful that I found her and had her for a time.  The old, it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all, with a nod to Tennyson.  That’s the silver lining, the positive outlook, but the truth is my friends on a lot of days it’s hard to look at things that way, but that’s 6 months in therapy and a the book I wrote about it.


On the road to happiness you have to be positive, you have to fight to find the positive in everything.  It is the only way to stay happy on a consistent basis.  Very often in talking with someone who understands the term, I’ll mention doing work on myself.  Often I see people feign understanding of this term and yet they don’t ask what it means.  What it means is to identify something within yourself that you don’t like and do what it takes to change it.  This is what we I am talking about tonight.  It’s as simple as the idea of looking on the brightside and as hard as convincing yourself to actually do it.  It’s a habit and a practice that I admittedly from time to time struggle with myself.

The idea of positivity is one that really truly pays benefits.  You feel happier, life seems just a little bit brighter and frankly all attitude is contagious, so the more positive you are, the more positivity you tend to see around you.  A happy contagion if you will.

The path to happiness is not much of a secret, we talk about the elements of it on the blog all of the time.  In order to be happy first you need to make sure the basics (sleep, food, safety, etc…) are all in order.  You need to maintain your positivity, you need to have a goal to work toward, you need to be kind and show gratitude.  You also need to have some fun, not be too serious and get out of your comfort zone.  Do these things and unless the randomness of the universe, or your brain chemicals come crashing down on you, you’ll remain fairly happy.  But you have to be conscious and focused on yourself and what’s happening in your life, you have to be willing to truly see what’s in the mirror and change what needs to be changed.  Writing this blog has always been an honor, an honor to serve you all and occasionally provide some help and wisdom.  It has also been a help to me, a way to force myself to look in the mirror.  Take a look yourself my friends and have a happy day my friends ~ Rev Kane

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Update: A Jar of Happiness & Good Things

A Jar of Happiness & Good Things

jar of happiness, happiness, be happy

A Jar of Happiness


The art of living does not consist in preserving and clinging to a particular mode of happiness, but in allowing happiness to change its form without being disappointed by the change; happiness, like a child, must be allowed to grow up.  ~ Charles L. Morgan

So something had been floating around the ether that I think is a really go idea.  For lack of a better name let’s call it a jar of happiness and good things.  Life can be hard, we all know that, and although we all start out each new year with high hopes as the year wears on things will inevitably go wrong.  Human nature is that unfortunately we tend to remember the negative more easily than the good things.  As such, each year those negative things seem to add up a little too quickly and the year seems to be worse than it actually has been.

So in order to turn this trend around here’s a great little idea.  Take a jar, any jar, I’m using a pickle jar just for the irony, and each time something good happens this year write it down on a little note and drop it in the jar.  That way, when things have you down, and then again at the end of the year, dump them out and read them so that you can be reminded of all the good things that have happened in your life this year.  A little reminder that life hasn’t been all lemons this year, and as always, have a happy day my friends ~ Rev Kane

Update: So as I was cleaning up my house getting ready to move out I found my 2014 jar on top of the refrigerator.  I have to admit here I had forgotten about writing these little notes, but I had 8 or 10 floating around in the jar from when I had started.

It was really wonderful reading these little notes to myself.  They included making a friend’s baby belly laugh uncontrollably, a really poignant thing my little niece said to me, a couple of compliments I received.  All of these little notes made me feel great and brought back some great memories.  So I’m resolving to do better this year, to keep up on the task as the one thing I thought while reading them was that I wish there had been more.  So start your own collection and you’ll have a happy day my friends ~ Rev Kane

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