A Selection from Otherness

A Selection from Otherness

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The cover image for my next book Otherness


Tonight friends a couple of pieces from my newly published poetry book, Otherness, available on Amazon as a paperback or ebook through Kindle.  Enjoy ~ Rev Kane

Falling at the ground and missing                                                             8/28/16

That I’m different
has never been in doubt
I speak different
I look different
I certainly think different
I love differently as well

are always telling me
to not love, who I love
or to love, who I don’t
I guess other people
have the ability
to control their hearts
I don’t

I fall in love,
not partially
not a little
but totally and completely
I don’t even know how
to fall out of love
I still love
every woman, I’ve ever loved

I envy you
you controlled beasts
who decide to love this person
or stop loving that one
I’ve certainly known women
who’ve stopped loving me
sometimes on a dime

I’ll never be that way
It’s not in my nature
nor a skill that I’m capable of learning
so mock me if you will
taunt me for my disability
but I don’t understand it at all

I guess
the rest of you are super
because when you fall
if need be,
you know how to fly
change course
land softly on the ground
all I can do
is fall blissfully
until I hit the ground
and break my heart
Tonight a Toast                                                                          03/29/16

Tonight a toast
to you feral fucks
you barbarous bastards
motherfucking masochists
careless cocksuckers
to all you soul murdering farmers
who have planted
your kernels of pain
in the pit of my stomach

your seeds, still viable
sprout at the worst of times
the pain grows
so elegantly, so quickly
that Monsanto
if it still had one
would sell its soul for the patent rights

Like anything that grows
all growing things, parasites really
take vital need from the source
your hell born seed
bellicose bushes
rapacious roots
dig too deep
they burrow into vital things
steal the essential essence

What you philistine fucks harvest
with your hateful herbs
what your parasites purloin
compassion, love, caring
openness, sharing, vulnerability
after you slash and burn
in their place
devoid of essence
on the black ground
that once was my living heart
you leave only
callousness, anger, disinterest
inaccessibility, selfishness, cynicism

So tonight
a toast to you
may you reap
all that you sow
a better man might forgive you
a better man would open his heart
but you’ve left me no heart to open
so here’s hoping
the wheel comes round
and crushes you
like the rotten kernels of grain
you stole my soul to create
you fucking fucks

About Michael Kane

Michael Kane is a writer, photographer, educator, speaker, adventurer and a general sampler of life. His books on hiking and poetry are available in soft cover and Kindle on Amazon.
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2 Responses to A Selection from Otherness

  1. Steve says:

    I love “Falling at the Ground and Missing.” Have fun planning that next great adventure.

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