My Covid Times Diary, March 28th

My Covid Times Diary, March 28th

dystopian timesThe world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking. ~ Albert Einstein

Although we are on a shelter in place order, and under orders to do social distancing, which really should be called physical distancing, I need to walk or run every day.  I need to for a number of reasons.  First off, for health reasons, I have to do cardio to keep my blood pressure and heart condition under control, it also helps with my blood sugar regulation.  It also helps my sanity, although I might be an introvert, I’m also and outdoors person, so I need to leave the apartment at least once a day and stretch my legs.  I often do this downtown where I live, I have a little two mile route worked out that I run or walk most days.  At least once a week I drive over to the coast (3 miles) to take a walk by the ocean.

ocean therapyBut as we all know, our world is changing and changing quickly.  Walking by lots of stores and restaurants there are all manner of new signs on the windows and doors.  Some them are handwritten, some nicely typed, all talk about the new normal.

coronavirus, covid19

It’s hard walking the streets of any city right now and not to see the changes that are occurring.  At your feet the litter is even different, more and more now on the street and in the parking lots the litter includes surgical gloves, masks and Clorox wipes.  People are obviously afraid to have these in their car after they have been out and about and decide instead just to throw them on the ground, a really sad statement on our species.

You can see social distancing at work, and not so at work, not just in the signs on stores.  But also as you see people spaced several feet apart as they are waiting for takeout food or to go into a small shop.  Hell at Trader Joes they actually have tape marks several feet apart to make sure the distancing stays in effect in the line.  At the farmers market this weekend, you could actively see some people keeping distance while others would just pushed right up next to you to get the “right” pepper.  Some of the vendors are very careful about the way they handle items, others handle everything three times.  I have noticed that amazingly, everything now is rounded to the nearest dollar so that handling change has been reduced to a minimum.

On Friday, after a very long and stressful week, I decided to take an extra long walk.  My two-mile loop doubled by walking up and around the local mall and post office before coming back to my normal route.  Getting to the mall was a real eye opener, there were few things open, a restaurant and a Target.  But after passing around the parking garage I came up the stairs to a scene from a dystopian film.

Everything was closed up, a lonely trailer was sitting in the loading bay of JC Penneys.  The parking lot had a single van sitting in it and although it couldn’t have been long, it felt like it had been there for years.  As I walked around the corner of the mall where a Sears had been closed down and boarded up, there was nothing in the parking lots, but oddly, a forklift just sitting in a lot like the driver had just stopped, got off, and walked away.  It was eerie has hell, sound echoed off of the parking garages and empty buildings.  Crows soared on the thermals between the buildings.  It was like the whole world had ended and I was the only person left.

dystopian scene

Of course the world hasn’t ended, it still moves along.  There is traffic on the road, a lot of restaurants and of course the supermarkets are open.  We take our precautions, we take care and so far, we keep moving forward. ~ Rev Kane


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