My COVID Times Diary – Good News

My COVID Times DiaryGood News

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So tonight, I wanted to take a little twist on my normal COVID Times post.  It’s really easy for these posts to get negative, to reinforce the malaise that we are all suffering under due to the coronavirus pandemic. So tonight, even in the midst of a lot of continuing bad news within the pandemic, let’s look at a few things that seem to be positive.

First let’s start with some aggregated posts with good news:

80 good news stories during the pandemic

6 COVID related good news items about treatments and cures

A site for positive COVID news

Another site of good news for COVID


Next, some positive vaccine news

Pfizer and BioNtech vaccine shows promise

Oxford vaccine is safe and produces antibody response


Finally some positive treatment news

Remdesiver seems to shorten duration of Coronavirus illness

Some encouraging news about Vitamin D

Several other treatments show promise

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