Happiness is Laughter: Kids Explain the World

Happiness is Laughter: Kids Explain the World

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One of the virtues of being very young is that you don’t let the facts get in the way of your imagination. ~ Sam Levenson

Originally posted September, 2014

Tonight a little tour around the web to find children explaining the world, especially where babies come from, enjoy ~ Rev Kane


Kids debate whether it’s raining or sprinkling, watch it all the way to the end, the end isadorable. (2:03)


Little kid talks about his day and explains where babies come from (3:08)


Hunter has an alternate take on where babies come from (5:27) At 4:12 it gets really nuts.


Kids are handed a walkman and asked to explain what it is (7:23)


Kids explain what dreams are (3:18)




About Michael Kane

Michael Kane is a writer, photographer, educator, speaker, adventurer and a general sampler of life. His books on hiking and poetry are available in soft cover and Kindle on Amazon.
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