How to be happy

How to be happy

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Until you are happy with who you are, you will never be happy with what you have.~Zig Ziglar

There is always a lot of media attention around the idea of happiness.  Recently I’ve seen pieces on the habits of happy people and about how much money you to earn each year to be happy.   Both of these pieces provide some good information and advice, the simple fact is there is a certain point in which you’re earning enough money to remove the financial stresses in life.  That is the reason that households making over $75,000 seem happier than those households making less.  It just makes sense, at that level of earning you can meet a reasonable mortgage, feed and clothe yourself well, take care of your family and even afford a nice vacation each year.  These are all things that are bound to make you a bit happier.

The second piece I came across this week is an older piece making its way around the web again.  However it is a piece that contains some very solid advice, a lot of which we have talked about before in this blog.  The piece discusses 21 habits of happy people, a few samples include:

1.  Appreciate Life

2.  Learn Continuously

3.  Laugh

4.  Forgive

I pick these four because of the size of the impact each have on you; we must all remember to appreciate what we have, no matter how much, no matter how meager.  It is important to forgive because carrying around resentment is the equivalent of holding a bag of poison inside of you, eventually it will lead to bad things for you and your health.  Laugh every day, there is more than enough sadness to go around in this world so take the moments when it is good and revel in them.  Finally, learn continuously, it is important that we stretch ourselves both mentally and physically.  A characteristic of the old is that they are unyielding and brittle, the more we stretch our minds and our bodies, the more we stay pliable and young.  Have a happy day my friends. ~ Rev Kane

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