The Dalai Lama on Anger, Outlook and Universal Responsibility

The Dalai Lama on Anger, Outlook & Universal Responsibility

01The purpose of our lives is to be happy ~ Dalai Lama


If your mind is dominated by anger, you will lose the greatest part of your human intelligence-wisdom that is the ability to discern between good and evil. Anger is one of the greatest problems that we have to face in the world today. In the course of our daily human relations, if we speak straight forwardly and in a reasoned way, anger is not necessary. Any point of difference can be discussed. Whenever we cannot justify ourselves through reason, that is when anger rises. It is when reason ends that anger begins. In my experience, even if anger gives us the strength to reach or to respond in the event of conflict, the energy it gives us is blind and difficult to control. Anger is a sign of weakness.


Our feeling of dissatisfaction, unhappiness, loss of hope and so forth are in fact related to all phenomena. If we do not adopt the right outlook, it is possible that anything and everything could cause us frustration. Yet phenomena are part of reality and we are subject to the laws of existence. So this leaves us with only one option: to change our own attitude. By bringing about a change in our outlook towards things and events, all phenomena can become friends or sources of happiness, instead of becoming enemies or sources of frustration.


I believe that to meet the challenge of the next century all human beings will have to develop a greater sense of universal responsibility. Each of us must learn to work not just for his or her own self, family or nation, but for the benefit of all mankind. It is very old-fashioned to think in terms of my nation, or my country, Universal Responsibility is the real key to human survival.

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3 Responses to The Dalai Lama on Anger, Outlook and Universal Responsibility

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  2. Dussel_Brad! says:

    I second that! I think with anger we fail because as human beings we prefer reacting than responding. We behave like garbage bins who are ready to release their dirt and negativity on others. Thanks for sharing those virtuous words by Dalai Lama, I feel blessed after reading this post, Wishing the best for humanity 🙂

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