Happiness & Remembrance: Memorial Day

Happiness & Remembrance: Memorial Day

My Grandfather and my Uncle Mikey

Happy Memorial Day everyone, today I want to talk today about some of our previous thoughts as well as the holiday that we are celebrating.  We have talked in the past about how happiness is a choice and that at its very core is what Memorial Day is all about.  Today we remember, not celebrate, but remember the sacrifices made by those who have gone before us and some who are still among us.

We remember the sacrifices from our nation’s past wars from the revolution to the current fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.  We give thanks and gratitude today for the sacrifices that have been made from time away from families, to injuries and even the ultimate sacrifice.  I think however, we often forget that the sacrifices made were not just made by our nation’s warriors but also by their families.  Wives who lost husbands, children who lost fathers, sons, brothers and friends have all suffered as well.  The sacrifices go well beyond the individual soldiers.

Today more than ever the sacrifices being made are both invisible and devastating.  A large percentage of our veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (ptsd) as well as traumatic brain injuries (tbi) as a result of explosions they have experienced.  Many of these veterans also suffer from physical injuries that have led to amputations and a variety of physical disorders as well.  Our Veteran’s Administration is struggling to help these men and women and often the effects of ptsd and tbi cause further damage in the warrior’s life by impact on his family and friends.  The suicide rate among returning veterans is wholly unacceptable.  So when you remember today, remember that there are many home among us who need our thoughts, prayers, sympathies and acceptance.  Their many sacrifices allow us to live in a country where choosing happiness is possible.  Thank you all for what you have given for us.

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