Fun Friday: Kids Explain Christmas & Santa

Fun Friday: Kids Explain Christmas & Santa



Kids explain the nativity

Kids explain the story of the origin of Christmas, totally adorable (4:00)

Kids answer questions about Christmas, these are really funny (2:26) Second best line, I don’t know all of this Jesus stuff!  Best line in answer to what would be a good present for Jesus, “to take the nails out of his hands.”

Kids act out the nativity, wow, this is awesome, Mary & Joseph found out they were having the baby Jesus while on a business trip, where? Baltimore. I bet you never knew that Spiderman played a part in the birth of Jesus, did you? (



Kids on Santa

Kids explain how Santa does his job  Amazing theories (7:10)

Kids explain Santa’s magic, Santa’s fat you know but he’s nice (2:43)



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