Otherness – You’re Not Alone

Otherness – You’re Not Alone

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The cover image for my next book Otherness

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about. ~ Benjamin Franklin

Hello my friends, I’m really excited tonight to announce that my second book, Otherness, a book of poetry has now been published on Amazon and Kindle.  The paperback is available at $9.99 and the Kindle version at $5.99.  I really like the way the cover came out.

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A reminder that my first book Appalachian Trail Happiness, about my time on the Appalachian Trail, including a new way of journaling using 3 questions everyday is also still for sale on Amazon.  As with my first book, if you would like a signed copy direct message me, they are available for $15.  Thank you all for your support in my various endeavors.

Tonight a few pieces from the book, the first one is is the opening, title poem for the book. ~ Rev Kane


Otherness                                                                                                                  3/11/17

I’ve spent most of my life
for the light of a nonexistent sun
in the dark
feeling my way along
my fingers bruised, bloody
bumping my head on walls
I would have given up
long ago
were it not for
glimpses and rays
that burnt down upon me
making me believe
that warmth and light
do exist
never long enough
to get accustomed to the light
or truly believe
it was real, or deserved
I’ve become a creature of the dark
having tasted the light
I cannot shake the idea
that there is a world
where I can be engulfed in light
embraced, warm and happy
then my head hits another wall
the wind blows cold
I shiver
a tear blows across my face
where it falls
I cannot see       Ω



Reconstructed Heart                                                      6/21/15

How does it pump?
How does it work?
How, does it even fit
in the cavity of my chest?

Blown apart
stepped on
utterly obliterated

Here I stand
well, sitting actually
a reconstructed man
with a reconstructed
and still beating heart

So many times
so intricately
have I rebuilt this muscle
the parts, now
are like Lego bricks
with worn and broken connectors
such that reassembly
must include
the use of bubble gum and rubber bands

You know who you are
you vandals and frauds
you, who have been inconsiderate
with the handling of my heart

The only question that remains,
does this reconstructed heart
this reassembled and ragtag organ
still possess the qualities
of the pure and original whole
I don’t know
It’s late at night
I’ve had far too little sleep
and not nearly enough to drink
to have such answers


Trippy Day                                                                                                           4/9/14

It’s been kind of a trippy day
the last 24 hours that is
I think the codeine
might have skewed the day.

It started with the invisible cat
that was caught in my room
I don’t need a lot of space
he could have curled up in the corner
or the foot of the bed
there was absolutely no need
to go jumping  about my head
or from corner to corner
on the bed

Phone calls at 3AM
are trippy enough
without being unconscious
and high as a kite

The squirrel ninjas
were a bit much
dangerous little bastards
with tiny little swords
would have been truly terrifying
if it weren’t for the cute little outfits
and the ill fitting masks
had me cackling like mad

I can’t even tell you
about the dreams
you’d have me locked up

The morning didn’t fare much better
fucking gnome invasion
little bastards
are usually friendly
but this morning
they were hungover
more like a grouchy pack
of Vermicious Knids

Work kept the ball rolling
our HR magician
made a lawsuit disappear
and reappear an hour later

The final meeting was the kicker
the room uncharacteristically dark
door locked behind me
suddenly found myself
gnawed at the ankles
by an Oompa Loompa scrum
beating them off was messy as hell
bastards were all wearing spray tans
and their hands
were covered in chocolate

So the answer
as I sit here tonight
double the dose
4 teaspoons of codeine should set me right

About Michael Kane

Michael Kane is a writer, photographer, educator, speaker, adventurer and a general sampler of life. His books on hiking and poetry are available in soft cover and Kindle on Amazon.
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