Happiness is Poetry: Leonard Cohen

Happiness is Poetry: Leonard Cohen

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Leonard Cohen

To keep our hearts open is probably the most urgent responsibility you have as you get older. ~ Leonard Cohen

If you know Leonard Cohen, you likely know him from his music and personally I think these are a couple of his most amazing songs.

I’m your man

Dance me to the end of love

In addition to a long and amazing a career and perhaps an even longer and more interesting life, Cohen was also a poet.  So tonight a few of his pieces for you to enjoy.         ~ Rev Kane


When this American woman from “Let Us Compare Mythologies”

When this American woman,
whose thighs are bound in casual red cloth,
comes thundering past my sitting place
like a forest-burning Mongol tribe,
the city is ravished
and brittle buildings of a hundred years
splash into the street;
and my eyes are burnt
for the embroidered Chinese girls,
already old,
and so small between the thin pines
on these enormous landscapes,
that if you turn your head
they are lost for hours.


The Genius (“For you I will be a ghetto Jew ..”) from “The Spice-Box of Earth”

For you
I will be a ghetto jew
and dance
and put white stockings
on my twisted limbs
and poison wells
across the town

For you
I will be an apostate jew
and tell the Spanish priest
of the blood vow
in the Talmud
and where the bones
of the child are hid

For you
I will be a banker jew
and bring to ruin
a proud old hunting king
and end his line

For you
I will be a Broadway jew
and cry in theatres
for my mother
and sell bargain goods
beneath the counter

For you
I will be a doctor jew
and search
in all the garbage cans for foreskins
to sew back again

For you
I will be a Dachau jew
and lie down in lime
with twisted limbs
and bloated pain
no mind can understand


THE NEXT ONE (“Things are better in Milan …)” from Death of a Lady’s Man

Things are better in Milan.
Things are a lot better in Milan.
My adventure has sweetened.
I met a girl and a poet.
One of them was dead
and one of them was alive.
The poet was from Peru
and the girl was a doctor.
She was taking antibiotics.
I will never forget her.
She took me into a dark church
consecrated to Mary.
Long live the horses and the sandles.
The poet gave me back my spirit
which I had lost in prayer.
He was a great man out of the civil war.
He said his death was in my hands
because I was the next one
to explain the weakness of love.
The poet was Cesar Vallejo
who lies at the floor of his forehead.
Be with me now great warrior
whose strength depends solely
on the favours of a woman.

Other Poetry for your Enjoyment!

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Rev Kane

About Michael Kane

Michael Kane is a writer, photographer, educator, speaker, adventurer and a general sampler of life. His books on hiking and poetry are available in soft cover and Kindle on Amazon.
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