SF MOMA and Andy Warhol

SF MOMA and Andy Warhol


Dying is the most embarassing thing that can happen to you, someone else has to take care of all of your details. ~ Andy Warhol

A couple of weekends ago I finally decided to make it to Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco.  I have a love/hate relationship with modern art.  There is some work I really love and then their is works like these that I can never believe someone paid money for, I guess that makes the artists brilliant business people at the very least.


These are simple lead tiles alternated on the floor

wood floor

This is literally a section of wood flooring

There is one I refuse to post here, a series of sheets starting with a single box and increasingly adding straight lines til the end result is basically a piece of graph paper.  I don’t get it.

There were some really wonderful pieces at the museum and below are some of my favorites. The first, this giant face was six foot long but seemed incredibly real.

Artist – Ron Muek


Popeye by Artist – Kristen Morgin

The works below in oil and straw might have been my favorites of the day.  The use of the texture made them really spectacular.

Artist – Anselm Keifer

Artist – Anselm Keifer

I love the piece below by Sigmar Polke.  Click on it to get the larger image and you’ll see the ephemeral figure in front of the wizard.  In the gallery it’s a huge life size piece and the differences in solidity of the images and creation of depth is really spectacular.

wizard art

Artist – Sigmar Polke

On the way to SF MOMA in the morning, I took this photo in the BART station, just a lovely little message from universe.

The museum is currently running a really interesting exhibit on photography errors.  Some of these won’t make any sense to those of you who never shot with film, but a big part of the exhibit is one of my favorite errors, double exposures.

double exposure photography There are also some really lovely outdoor spaces in the museum around the cafe and even a living wall.

There is also a lovely space exhibit, it’s a mix of space suits, books, models of spaceships and offworld living facilities interspersed with monitors playing science fiction films and finally some really intricate and beautiful space art.


Sadly the closest I’ll likely ever get to wearing a space suit is a reflection

Finally, although it has now left MOMA’s big exhibition for the last couple of months has been an Andy Warhol exhibit.  Having visited the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh there wasn’t much new to expect from the exhibit.  However, there were a couple of things I hadn’t seen before, first there were some portraits I hadn’t seen.

Some familiar bits.

An interesting new piece I hadn’t seen before.

And then finally something I hadn’t seen before, apparently in the late 60s Warhol spent some time doing photos of accidents and capital punishment.

All in all a wonderful day at the museum, sometimes you just need a day of art to recharge your soul, have a happy day my friends. ~ Rev Kane


About Michael Kane

Michael Kane is a writer, photographer, educator, speaker, adventurer and a general sampler of life. His books on hiking and poetry are available in soft cover and Kindle on Amazon.
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