Happiness is Poetry: Outlaw Poets

Happiness is Poetry: Outlaw Poets


My absolute favorite poetry collection is entitled The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry and you can read it free on the link, today several selections from that collection, wonderful reading for a happy day my friends ~ Rev Kane

Hiding Places ~ Jack Micheline

There are hiding places in my room
where beautiful poems are hidden
Poems hidden away in boxes
on sheets of brown paper
Poems of spirit and magic
workers hands hidden in boxes
beautiful thighs
there are blue skies hidden in my room
dolphins and seagulls
the heaving of breasts and oceans
there are skies in my room
there are flies in my room
there are streets in my room
there are a thousand nights hidden in boxes
there are drunks in my poems
there are a million stars on the roof of my room
all hidden away in boxes
there are steps down side streets
there is a crazed eye of a poet in my room
there are old Arabs exploring the desert near Escalon
there are sparrows and bluebirds and wildcats in my room
there are elephants and tigers
there are skinny Italian girls in my room
there are letters from Peru and England
and Germany and Russia in my room
There are the steps of Odessa in my room
the Volga river in my room
there are dreams in the night of my room
there are flowers
there is the dance of affirmation in my room
the steps of young poets carrying knapsacks full of poems
there are the Pictures of an Exhibition in my room
Moussorgsky and Shostakovich
and Charlie Mingus in my room
Composers and painters all singing in my room
all hidden away in boxes
one night when the moon is full
they will come out and do a dance

I’m an Emotional Idiot ~ Maggie Estep

Here’s a link to her reading it, it’s awesome:

Emotional Idiot

I’m not Mad ~ Vampyre Mike Kassel

Am I mad at you?
Of course I’m not mad, What ever gave you that idea?
Just because I’m sitting here pushing pins
into a wax doll
with a lock of your hair in it?
Just because I burned the panties you left here and buried the ashes at the crossroads at midnight?
Just because I sent the nude pictures we took of you
to Cattle Breeders Digest?
Just because I welded the doors of your car shut?
Just because I wrote your name and address
on the men’s room wall
of every bikers bar from here to Bakersfield?
Just because I made three hundred copies
of your apartment key
and handed them out to every junkie and wino in the Tenderloin?
Just because I switched your birth control pills for Ex-lax,
spiked your shampoo with Nair,
and hid an electric cattle prod inside your favorite dildo?
Just because I pitchforked your mother,
and strung out your cat on speed?
No, I’m not mad.
And by the way,
Have you got a dollar?

About Michael Kane

Michael Kane is a writer, photographer, educator, speaker, adventurer and a general sampler of life. His books on hiking and poetry are available in soft cover and Kindle on Amazon.
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