Happiness, Games & Resilience

Happiness, Games & Resilience

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All that we are is the result of what we have thought. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him. ~ The Buddha

So recently, I happened across Jane McGonigal’s TED talk and I have to say it is quite amazing.  The main reason is that the talks I like best are the ones that give you something tangible that you can take away from them that can help you live a better life.  The goal unabashedly that I have with the Ministry of Happiness posts. 

In her talk, Jane McGonigal, who is by training a game designer, talks about how increasing your strength and resiliency can increase the length and quality of your life.   She points to four types of resilience or strengths that lead to what she calls post-traumatic growth, the type of growth that normally occurs in someone’s life after some great trauma causes them to re-examine their life.  In the talk she actually shows you four ways to work on these resiliencies without having to deal with the trauma – that part of the talk starts at 12:40 in the video.

Below are the four types of resilience she discusses and a little description of each with a little bit on happiness attached to each.

Physical resilience – handle stress better and recover from illness quicker, and quite simpler the healthier you are the more you can do the things that make you happy.

Mental resilience – more mental focus, discipline and will power, which is a real key to being successful in whatever you are trying to accomplish.  We know that people who set and achieve their goals are generally happier.

Emotional resilience – provoke positive emotions when you need them most, if you can maintain having three positive emotions for every one negative emotion you can improve your overall health and happiness.  The game/exercise talked about to improve this is by far the most fun, look at pictures of loved ones, cherished places or even pictures of baby animals helps improve and strengthen this ability.

Social resilience – expressing gratitude, touching helps us gain positive energy from our social interactions.  This comes back to many things we’ve talked about before her at the Ministry, expressing gratitude, being with those you care about and even the simplest of things, the touch of another person.

According to McGonigal, If you regularly doing these 4 things you will likely live 10 years longer than other people.  So give them a try and have a happy day my friends       ~ Rev Kane

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