Happiness, Patience & Karma

Happiness, Patience & Karma

Karma wheel

The wheel

Karma moves in two directions. If we act virtuously, the seed we plant will result in happiness. If we act non-virtuously, suffering results. ~ Sakyong Mipham

I believe in Karma!  I don’t care how you look at it either, you can consider Karma acts of ethereal heavenly justice, the universe’s way of balancing itself, or even just the fact that people’s acts create actions that eventually reflect back on them the way a ripple in the pond reflects off the shore and returns.  Regardless of how or why, I believe the Wheel of Karma turns and good acts bring about good things in life.  It is one of the reasons I love the TV show My Name is Earl, in a good natured and nutty way it made this point episode after episode.

Unfortunately though, unlike in a TV show, the one thing most of us really dislike about Karma is its normal lack of speed.  As people, and I’m as guilty as the next, we lack patience, we want John Lennon’s Instant Karma.  (Ok admit it, your singing in your head right now, instant karma’s gonna get you.)  This is why patience is so important, when bad acts occur and particularly when people are consciously unkind to us or the ones we love, we want justice.  Although sometimes the speed of Karmic justice is occasionally fast, typically we have to wait many years, sometimes decades to see the Karma Wheel fully turn.

I truly believe that the way you deal with this, the peace  you practice, plays heavily into your own level of happiness.  Being patient means in some sense that you are letting go of the negative feelings, the stress and energy.  You are taking faith in the idea that things will work out and they usually do.  Being able to do that, letting the wheel turn, will make you a happier person and keep you from personally acting in ways that will create your own negative Karma.

So my friends, take a breath, breathing is always the starting point, relax, you don’t have to forget, but let the wheel work it’s course.  I know it’s hard, you feel cheated, that bad people get away with bad things, but they don’t, not forever.  So have a happy day my friends and let the wheel turn.  ~ Rev Kane

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