Happiness & Human Kindness

Happines s & Human Kindness

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If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives. Do good anyway. ~ quote often attributed to Mother Teresa

Hello my friends, once again the universe seems to be tapping me on the shoulder and saying, hey Rev, how about talking a little bit about human kindness.  When the universe calls it is usually best to listen.  So tonight I thought I’d take a little tour around some sites and resources related to human kindness, the one featuring the Russian dash cams is particularly wonderful.  I also tonight want to talk about my friend Ozzy.

Kindness at an emotional level is something we all manage pretty easily, the part most of us fall down on, is transitioning that emotion into action.  I continually get to see this in effect watching my friend Ozzy.  She’s a tough customer, a small business owner, a complicated person but most of all she’s all heart.  But she doesn’t stop at the emotional level and is constantly acting to help people, either on her own, through her community or through organizations she’s involved her, I admire her commitment to kindness, caring and helping others, we should all try to be a bit more like her.  If we did, we’d all have happier days my friends ~ Rev Kane

Some sites for you to explore around the concept of human kindness:

First, a link to a page showing images from Russian dash cams.  In case you didn’t know many Russians have installed dash cams for security and insurance purposes on their cars.  Usually the videos you get to see are stupid acts, funny acts or even the big meteor awhile back.  However this video uses dash cam footage to show acts of Human Kindness in Russia, it’s compelling and touching beyond belief to see these simple acts, and apparently it’s absolute hell trying to cross the road in that country.

Second, one of my friend Ozzy’s favorites, Burners without Borders, I was present when this group sprung into existence at Burning Man in order to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina, but this group has become soooo much more than that.

Couldn’t possibly do this without mentioning something called the Human Kindness Foundation.  A group that reaches out through spirituality to help people in prison.

The site Hello Human Kindness is an advertising hook for a corporation called Dignity Health, ordinarily I would direct you to a corporate entity like this one but there is some nice stuff on the site to make you feel a bit better about our species.

A piece on the personal effects of acts of human kindness.

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