Happiness & the price for being you

Happiness & the price for being you

Rev Kane @ Chu Khun

Rev Kane @ Chu Khun

Knowledge of what is possible is the beginning of happiness.
~ George Santayana

I have a friend, he’s generally a good guy but he has a really obnoxious habit of asking deeply philosophical, thought-provoking questions.  Usually they are questions that I answer quickly to keep the conversation going and forget about them.  However recently he asked what I thought was a really good question, what is the price for being you?

It’s a great question to think about, what does it cost to be the person you are?  I will use myself for an example.  My basic personality could easily be described as loud, brutally honest, outspoken and a trait that isn’t as obvious, I’m the same person in public that I am in private.  This makes me a bit of an anomaly, but honestly we’re all individuals the idea of being average is a myth.   I am also an introvert, meaning I need to spend time alone to recharge my batteries.  These traits create a certain space and emotional distance in my life between me and the people I know and love.  I’m a bit of gypsy, so in addition to the emotional space, there is also a great deal of physical space between us as well.  Given all of these things there is a very definite price I pay for being me.

Being me, I don’t have someone to take me to the airport, pick me up when my car is in the shop or just come over and be stupid and hang out when I’m lonely.   My outer defenses also keep people at bay and I’m quite sure I’ve missed out on some great people over the years.  These are prices that I pay to be the person that I am and I’m ok with that.  I’m generally a happy person, there would be other prices to pay were I to make other choices and I’m happy with the choices I’ve made.  And that is my question for you today, not only what is the price you pay for being you, but are you happy with the choices you made?

If you are paying too high of a price for being you, then what do you need to change to reduce that price?  Remember, the person that you are is a result of the choices you make, to change who you are, you need to make different choices.  A difficult task to undertake, but one worth it when you consider that the result will be a happier you.  So have a look at yourself my friends and have a happy day ~ Rev Kane

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Michael Kane is a writer, photographer, educator, speaker, adventurer and a general sampler of life. His books on hiking and poetry are available in soft cover and Kindle on Amazon.
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