Happiness is Emma Dumont

Happiness is Emma Dumont

emma dumont, happiness

THE GIFTED: Emma Dumont as Polaris/Lorna Dane

Tease hair not homos ~James St. James (Emma Dumont’s favorite quote)

So tonight I’m going to go a little bit fan boy on you my friends.  I’ve talked about this before, I’m a TV watcher and a science fiction fan and so when Marvel announced a new TV series I knew I had to at least check it out.  So I launched into the first episode of the Gifted and immediately was drawn to the character Polaris.  The character is pretty cool, but the real shot was the actress, Emma Dumont.  She has an amazing stage presence and is absolutely stunningly beautiful as the picture above demonstrates.

Now it’s rare, but all that unusual to find a beautiful young actress on a TV show.  But there’s something really special about Emma and I decided to Google her.  I was suddenly even more impressed.  Not just an actress but a classically trained ballet dancer as well.  Even more impressive she’s also working on a mechanical engineering degree through Olin College.  So she’s intelligent, beautiful, physically and artistically talented, talk about your total package.  At that point I started to think that Miss Dumont is going to be a huge star.

emma dumont, happiness

Talk about your double threat, ballet and engineering

I was kicking around the web looking at her previous work on IMDB and then saw her Instagram address so I kicked over to take a look and noticed she was doing a live feed.  So I followed her page and dropped into her live post on Instagram.  Now, I’ve seen some live feed posts before and I’ve never really been all that impressed by them.  That changed watching Emma Dumont’s live feed, she was absolute captivating, genuine, kooky, she bursts into song sometimes for a reason, sometimes not.  She truly seems like a nice human being, she seems to genuinely care about her fans and makes an effort to acknowledge them.

emma dumont, happiness

Emma Dumont has a great smile

As I said, she’s an impressive woman, smart, talented and willing to take a stand.   Whenever I see her on live I try to jump in, like I said she’s a ton of fun to watch doing these.  While watching one she mentioned a trans issue and some of the fans starting making anti-LGBTQ remarks.  A lot of folks would have just ignored the comments or cut the session but she didn’t .  She went at the comments and pointed out it wasn’t cool, she pointed out people are people, she re-iterated her favorite quote.  She addressed that she realized some people are raised with hate and need to get more educated.  And although she was standing up for herself, she was also apologizing for being direct and a little confrontational.  Now that’s a great PR move, but in no way did it seem like a calculated act.  She just truly seemed like a nice person trying to stand up for her values and feeling bad that she might be making someone else feel bad.

It’s this genuine niceness, her relaxed demeanor and nervous energy that makes her incredibly approachable by her fans and I count myself among them.  Check her out, remember her name, she’s gonna be a major, major star and have a happy day my friends. ~ Rev Kane

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