Happiness & The Basics

Happiness & The Basics

As we all pursue a happier and more contented life we have to remember the basics eating right, sleeping right, and being safe.  We can talk about our relationships, about the nature of positivity and the psychology of happiness.  We can meditate, take vacations and make lists of the things that make us happy and try to maximize those things in our lives.  All things we have talked about and all good things that can help us be happier individuals.

However, in order to be happier we have to make sure the basics in life are taken care of.  Taoists say that when you feel out of sorts first always look at three things, how are you eating, how are you sleeping and are you safe in your environment.  If you want a more scientific rationale for this you can return to psychology and Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs.  Essentially it says the same thing, you can proceed to higher level psychological functions until you take care of the basic necessities of life.

So if you are out of sorts, not feeling up to snuff, or not quite happy then take a closer look at your life.  Are you eating properly, have you been busy and eating fast food or less than nutritious foods?  Get your diet to include more vegetables and food freshly picked and high in energy.  Are you sleeping well?  Are you going to bed on time, giving yourself enough time to sleep, are you taking time to wind down before you attempt to sleep?

Finally are you feeling safe?  Not just physically safe but also psychologically safe, are there demons in your circle?  We’ve talked before about the necessity to be safe and ways to do this.  This issue is one of the reasons so few people come to my home, it’s my sanctuary a place I feel utterly and completely safe.  Hopefully you are all doing great, but if not, remember are eating right, sleeping right, are you safe?  Have a happy day my friend.         ~ Rev Kane

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About Michael Kane

Michael Kane is a writer, photographer, educator, speaker, adventurer and a general sampler of life. His books on hiking and poetry are available in soft cover and Kindle on Amazon.
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4 Responses to Happiness & The Basics

  1. Tania Leets says:

    I enjoyed this post !
    I’ve been lacking sleep and it really does affect your overall well being. I had to just sit out this weekend and relax. I felt much happier today.

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