Appalachian Trail Happiness: Mt. Washington

Appalachian Trail Happiness: Mt. Washington

IMGP8512How glorious a meeting the sun gives the mountains ~ John Muir

So not having the opportunity or enough functional knee strength to do Mt. Washington, I decided to ride up it in a tourist van.  I was granted with a relatively sunny day on the mountain something to be very grateful for on the mountain.  Once on top I immediately when looking for hiking trash and found these three characters who immediately chastised me for riding up the mountain.


Jackoby, Dirt Pile and Rube

It was impressive to see how many trails crossed at the summit and there were a fair number of day hikers who had done the summit.

IMGP8540 IMGP8552 IMGP8554 IMGP8615And of course the road crossing of the Appalachian Trail

AT crossingA really cool way to summit the mountain is to come up on one of the cog trains.

IMGP8531 IMGP8580 IMGP8591 IMGP8592 IMGP8605And finally from this very happy day, a lot of really pretty pictures ~ Rev Kane

53 54 IMGP8512 IMGP8517 IMGP8520IMGP8521 IMGP8522 IMGP8524 IMGP8525 IMGP8528IMGP8538 IMGP8561 IMGP8564 IMGP8566 IMGP8569 IMGP8570 IMGP8574IMGP8581 IMGP8585 IMGP8587 IMGP8588 IMGP8594IMGP8596 IMGP8598 IMGP8620 IMGP8621IMGP8622 IMGP8623 IMGP8624 IMGP8626 IMGP8627IMGP8633 IMGP8635 IMGP8637 IMGP8641 IMGP8645IMGP8647 IMGP8650 IMGP8651 IMGP8652 IMGP8719

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Michael Kane is a writer, photographer, educator, speaker, adventurer and a general sampler of life. His books on hiking and poetry are available in soft cover and Kindle on Amazon.
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