Why I’m Happy Right Now!

Why I’m Happy Right Now!

Rev Kane relaxing in the snow flurries

Rev Kane relaxing in the snow flurries

The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it ~ Richard Bach

I’m having a little trouble tonight coming up with my Sunday night post.  This is the one night of the week where I get personal on the blog, most nights it comes easy for me, tonight, not so much.  I find myself in the beginnings of another transition phase, I’m in my final month in Florida, working to finish up the first draft of my book, Appalachian Trail Happiness.  I’m getting close and it feels good and also creates a lot of anxiety, writing it is the easy part for me, the publishing process brings me anxiety.

I’m also looking at applying for jobs and that brings the realization that my gypsy life is near its end, at least for a time.  But there is a lot tied up with that, where will I live, what job will I take, how will I react to my sudden lack of freedom, definitely some anxiety around all of that.  Although I do believe what I’ve learned and changed about myself in the last year will serve me well as I move forward.

Smiling even at a Polar Bear Crossing, I must be doing something right

Smiling even at a Polar Bear Crossing, I must be doing something right

Relationships are changing as well, the loss of my granny has had a bigger impact than I anticipated.  A relationship, that I find hard to even define, that I’ve been in for fifteen years is changing and it’s hard.  The thing is though, with all of the change, the loss, the anxiety I’m still really happy.  My life is in a better place than perhaps it has ever been and I guess what I should talk about tonight is why.

All of our lives our complicated, all of us are dealing with anxiety, change and loss.  These three things often derail our happiness, so how is it that it isn’t having that impact on me right now.  Well my friends, for those of you who have been reading along 2015 was a wild ride.  You see first of all I took a huge risk in 2015, I quit my job, sold my house and came east to hike the Appalachian Trail and hopefully get enough out of the experience to write a book.   I completed 1000 miles before a couple of knee injuries finally ended my hike.  Even though I didn’t complete all 2200 miles of the trail I was really proud of what I accomplished.  The trip led to a lot of learning about myself, I challenged myself and pushed myself physically and mentally.  I also had a whole lot of fun, met some incredibly folks, made great new friends and easily get enough material for the book I mentioned above.

Another long distance hike was on my bucket list, writing a book was on that list, taking a year off was on there as well.  So why am I so happy, well:

I took risks on things I was pretty sure would make me happy

I challenged myself physically and mentally on the Appalachian Trail

I am in the process of finishing the first draft of a book about that experience, another thing off of my bucket list and an accomplishment I’m really proud of soon completing.

I took time to learn about myself but even more than that over the last I’ve taken time.  Just that, taking time to slow down, to breathe, to look around and appreciate life has had an immense impact on me.

01When I lost my granny I was in an incredible amount of pain.  She’s the one person in my life who I could always count on to be supportive, to be positive.  She’s was always thrilled to hear my voice or see me.  She was a seemingly infinite well of positivity and good feelings that I could count on.  Losing that is terrifying at some level.  The one thing however that makes me feel good is that I spent time with her, whenever I could.  I called, I visited, I bought her gifts, but most of all I just sat and talked with her.  That time is a precious memory and I know she knew I loved her and what she meant to me and I’m sure of that because I told her.

Also this year, because I was east I got to spend a lot of time with my nieces and nephews and especially my youngest niece Rooney.  You see hanging around with a three year-old for six months is huge, its simple math, that three months is one sixth of her total life experience, that’s a lot.

02So there’s a bit of recipe here my friends, not the only recipe but definitely one that has merit.  Do you want to be happier?  Take some risks on the type of things that will make you happy, particularly on those things that attach to your passions.  Challenge yourself, physically and mentally, you don’t have to hike a thousand miles but find something you want to do, prepare for it physically, plan for it mentally and do it.  In the end it really doesn’t matter what it is as long as it challenges you.  Click off a couple of things on your bucket list no matter how small.  Finally, and maybe most importantly, don’t assume you have time, spend time with those who mean the most to you, especially the very old and the very young.

So my friends, take what time you can and slow down.  Spend some time with those who mean the most to you friends and make someone else’s and have your own happy day.       ~ Rev Kane

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About Michael Kane

Michael Kane is a writer, photographer, educator, speaker, adventurer and a general sampler of life. His books on hiking and poetry are available in soft cover and Kindle on Amazon.
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53 Responses to Why I’m Happy Right Now!

  1. missib71 says:

    Inspiring post Michael!

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  4. Kim Day Tow says:

    Wow! Who would have thunk the guy I knew from high school would have such a deep soul? I am inspired by you Michael! Thank you!

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