Camino de Primitivo – Day 1

Camino de Primitivo – Day 1


My first day on the Camino Primitivo.

Started with breakfast in Oviedo and headed out about 9:30. A late start for me on a trail but I had a very short walk today, only about 8 miles.

Early on I met a couple from the UK and we chatted a bit. Turned out she has been a guide on the Camino for 15 years so I immediately set to grilling her about how things worked. She was incredibly helpful and was present when I needed to sign in for the albergue (pilgrim hostel) so doing that for the first time went really smoothly.


Best hill ever on a trail

The albergue was nice and spacious, there were only 2 other guys staying with me initially and we were later joined by an older German couple and eventually three other hikers. One guy was from Knoxville, TN of course.  The other was from Spain, guess my greeting in Spanish was too good as he launched into a full discussion. I apologized, explained and he shifted gears.


The hike was mellow, one descent climb at the end. After leaving the city we were walking through pretty Spanish countryside on roads and a couple paths. The route is generally well marked and at my one point of confusion a beautiful Spanish girl came to my rescue with very clear directions.


I spent the afternoon with the English couple and we spent it talking and laughing. Today, mostly because of them, was exactly what I had been hoping for, some fun trail community to hang out with.  I was of two minds before starting the Camino.  First, excited about better trail community than I had in Scotland and skeptical about the urban nature of the trail. I had a great first day on the Camino and both mindsets were confirmed. I met some great people, and was a bit dismayed by the amount of road and street walking in towns.- Rev Kane


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Michael Kane is a writer, photographer, educator, speaker, adventurer and a general sampler of life. His books on hiking and poetry are available in soft cover and Kindle on Amazon.
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