Give me time & attention and I’ll be happy

Give me time & attention & I’ll be happy

be happy, human contact

A hug to be happy

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. ~ Leo Buscaglia

There is something we all learn when we are children.  There are people in our lives who when they show up, bring us presents but don’t pay much attention to us.  Children are happy to see them, but only for the few minutes when they first arrive.  There are other people in our lives who show up, with or without presents, who make the time to pay attention to us.  We love those people dearly and are always excited when they arrive.

When I was a child I knew exactly who these people were.  My Granny was someone who gave attention, affection and appreciation and I loved her dearly.  My Uncle Mikey was someone like this as well, as a very young child Uncle Mikey always had some gum or candy in his pockets.  As I got older he had the house with the pool where we would all go swimming a place where his attention was nearly unlimited.  I also had people in my life as a child who were supposed to care about me, but they gave cash or toys, but rarely their time or attention, even when we spent time together.  Attention breeds affection and demonstrates caring and without that, no matter what your relationship, your connection to that person fades over time.

Attention, affection, be happy

Attention, Affection and Appreciation

Giving your time and attention

Remembering and knowing this I have really tried to make sure that I focused on attention, affection and appreciation with my nieces and nephews.  Not just because I should, but because I want to, they are really amazing little people.  I really and truly enjoy nothing more than having conversations with them about their lives and what they think about things.  Living 3000 miles away from them there is never quite enough time.  I was blessed for a while a couple of years ago to spend a lot of time with some of them and it was fantastic.  Of course part of the joy is the absolute two-way street of the situation, in return for my attention I get their attention as well and it’s absolutely wonderful.

This whole idea is something I think a lot of us understand with children but forget with the adults in our lives.  The reality is what works with children in this respect also works with adults.  So remember this my friends with the children in your life.  A toy through the mail brings a smile, a chat on the phone or over Facetime or Skype is attention and it brings affection.  Your time matters, give it to them.  Of course this is exactly how it works with adults as well, conversation is giving your time and attention.  Interact with the people you care about, don’t just assume they are there for you.  Sure, those who you have the most connection with will hang on the longest, but without the time and attention, affection decreases, don’t let that happen with the people who are important to you.  Because perhaps, that is the true measure of who really is important.  Reach out, connect and have a happier day my friends. ~ Rev Kane

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