Happy Alive Day!!!

Happy Alive Day!!!

happkiness, alive day
Hello friends, recently I was made aware that a friend was celebrating the 30th anniversary of her Alive Day. What she was celebrating was 30 years from a failed suicide attempt. This really hit me, I have no idea if I’m unique given its prevalence, but there has been a lot of suicide around me in my life. Growing up three kids in my neighborhood killed themselves within weeks of each other, years later one of their nephews would also kill himself. Two of my friends have had sons who have committed suicide and I myself at one point as a teenager stuck a shotgun in my mouth and happily/luckily couldn’t pull the trigger. Having been someone who has suffered from depression in the past I know how deep the well is that people can find themselves in, and how impossible it seems at that point that you’ll ever get out.

happiness, alive day
The reason why my friend’s Alive Day is such an awesome thing is that it shows that not only is there hope, not only can things get better, but that they can get so much better that you actually can celebrate being alive. My friend is a sampler of life, one of those people who is at the fire hose of life experience with her mouth wide open trying to drink it all in. She has a great life, a job where she helps people, great friends and a wonderful partner! Pretty much the antithesis of someone who sees no reason to live.


happiness, alive day

I think friends if you never have before, or never choose to again I’d like you to share this post. If this idea, if the reality that there are real people out there who have come this far, gives one person enough hope to not try and kill themselves, we’ve all done an amazing thing together. 


happiness, alive day
Ideas like this are the reason I started the Ministry of Happiness, my hope is that we all can help each other live happier lives, have happier days.  I have also learned that combat veterans also celebrate Alive Days , based on near death experiences in combat.  So here’s a thought I have, it doesn’t have to have been a suicide attempt, but I think we all have a significant day or event in the past that made us realize how precious life is, what a gift it is for all of us. Take that day, or pick a date that’s near enough and celebrate your own Alive Day! Let’s spread this idea and all have happier days my friends and thank you all for being part of this. ~ Rev Kane



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Michael Kane is a writer, photographer, educator, speaker, adventurer and a general sampler of life. His books on hiking and poetry are available in soft cover and Kindle on Amazon.
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