Happiness is your Authentic Self

Happiness is your Authentic Self

happiness, authentic self

Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable, be honest and transparent anyway ~ Mother Teresa


As I have recently mentioned I spent a week at Burning Man a couple of weeks ago, my 6th or 7th time celebrating in the desert.  There are many things that I really love about Burning Man, the opportunity to relax, the hugs, the kindness and most of all the opportunity to truly be myself.  Now the goal of course is to always be your authentic self at all times, but unfortunately not all of us are there yet.

I have many times explained this idea to others who have never attended the festival.  You see at Burning Man you are never the weirdest person, ever, look in a circle at any moment and you will always find someone weirder than yourself.  Also, given that so many people are expressing their desires, fantasies and true selves, people have a tendency not to be as judgmental as they normally are in the default world.  As such, people are able to be who they want to be, who they truly are.  You would be amazed at the pressure that takes off of you.

Every day, in so many ways we put on pretenses, these masks that we wear take effort.  Like tiny little lies we must keep them straight in our heads, and this process of masking takes its toll in stress.  Being yourself, once you have come to truly accept and love your authentic self, allows you to live honestly and less stressfully.  You see, you no longer are concerned what others think, so the only person whose opinion matters is your own.  If you love yourself, your true self, than the stress is gone and it becomes much easier to have happy days my friends ~ Rev Kane


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