We all need a little adventure

We all need a little adventure

mountain, travelI’m more of an adventurous type than a relationship type. ~ Bob Dylan

So, on March 12th, the campus where I work closed down as we started our local shelter in place order here in the Bay Area of California.  Having every aspect of my job go upside down turned into a very intense eleven weeks of long hours, planning and lots of meetings while we redesigned the way we do everything we do.  I got significantly burned out around about week eight and my boss suggested I take a vacation.  That was not possible at the time and quite frankly through tired eyes I didn’t see a way that would be possible for some time to come.  I set my sights on mid-July and in fact I’ve been able to pull it off a bit earlier than I thought possible.

That’s right, I’m very excited to be taking a tiny vacation next week.  I fully understand people’s frustration given our current situation and being a nomad who frequently travels I’ve been jonesing to get back on the road.  I’d originally planned a trip to Las Vegas on March 19th, as things started to get bad with the coronavirus, I cancelled it out of caution over what things would be like in Las Vegas.  So it’s been a solid four months since I’ve ventured too far from home.

So I’m heading to Nevada, not Las Vegas, but Reno.  I’ll spend two days at the Silver Legacy, and carefully do a little gambling in the early morning when the casino is usually pretty empty.  I’m also purposefully going after the Fourth of July weekend when I know crowds will be smaller.  My main purpose for the trip is to do a little photography.  A safe solo activity that I really enjoy.  I plan to go down to Virginia and Silver Cities to photograph the cemeteries there.  On the way back west I plan on spending the day at Sand Harbor Beach in Lake Tahoe.  Finally a night in Sacramento and back home.  So all in all it’s only a three day trip but a road trip none the less, and given how things are going with the coronavirus, it might well be a another four months before I get  to take another one.

So the point for tonight’s post is two-fold.  We all need to do what we need for our sanity, and to make ourselves happy.  Of course, we need to do it in a safe and socially responsible way.  So whatever it is, wear your mask, wash your hands and where possible, stay out of crowds and have a happy day my friend.  ~ Rev Kane

About Michael Kane

Michael Kane is a writer, photographer, educator, speaker, adventurer and a general sampler of life. His books on hiking and poetry are available in soft cover and Kindle on Amazon.
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2 Responses to We all need a little adventure

  1. Dianne Babb says:

    David Nau and I just got married in Virginia City on 7/2, before the crowd came in for the 4th. There are a number of historic churches there worth checking out for photography, while you’re there. Dianne Babb from Sierra College

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