The Happiest Moment of your life

The Happiest Moment of your life

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Jumping for joy in the sunshine!

To be able to look back upon one’s life in satisfaction, is to live twice ~ Kahlil Gibran

Originally posted 2016

It is important in your life and in your pursuit of happiness that you take time to reflect on how good things have been.  Sure, at times, this means digging hard for silver linings in dark grey clouds but the mining is worth the effort.  I’ve written before about keeping a jar of happiness.  It’s a good way to remind you that good things are happening.  Reminding ourselves that good things are happening, that we have happy times, makes it easier for us to believe they will return when things are dark.

Tonight I got thinking about those pinnacle moments in life, those moments that we often describe as the happiest moment of our lives.   So what were the happiest moments of your life?  For me personally there are a number than come to mind, the night my little brother was born, a perfect sports moment, standing in the Himalayas on a 15,000 foot ridge looking up at peaks still rising 10,000 feet higher, watching her strut across a restaurant floor on our first date.

A little exploration on the web and a few general categories seem to evolve, including the comments I found on each.  The comments I found centered on falling in love, the joys of childhood, travel, the birth of children, achieving something and the bonds of friendship.  So hopefully tonight’s post got you thinking about those moments, feel free to share them in the comments and as always, have a happy day my friends ~ Rev Kane


My happiest moment was when I found someone to love me. It seems so horribly unoriginal but it was more than just finding a husband and falling in love it was receiving that reward of completeness. We don’t realize just how empty we are until we find that one person who helps you see how much you’re worth. 

 Childhood joy/ Travel

My happiest, or one that stands out the most, was when my grandparents took me to Disneyworld when I was 11. The joy and wonder was beyond my imagination. I was lucky to spend that time with them and make those memories, as now they are gone.

Child birth

My happiest moments were giving birth to my three children. I never felt love like that before. I was overwhelmed with emotions. It was scary, but amazing.


The first one directly involved me, the other really didn’t. When I received my first standing ovation after a dramatic, not comedic performance


My Happiest Moment In My Life  The most happiest moment in my life is when my best friend Aileen and i went to Bluerose and had a great bonding moment between the two of us.

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