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Happiness Requires an Open Mind

Happiness cannot occur if you spend all of your time being negative and looking down on others. Finally, I think it is also important, no matter how much faith you have in science, to understand there is still magic in the world. Children understand this and it is important to remember that children are often much happier than adults, it is easy to write that off only to their lack of responsibilities, but I believe there is more to it than that, that there is a certain wisdom in the way in which children view the world.
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The Wisdom of Children

I thanked that little girl for what she did for me and I walked on to my office. I still hurt, my heart was still broken but that little girl had done me a magnificent service. The lesson I took away from that meeting was that sometimes the greatest wisdom can come from a child. So my friends don’t forget to look to the little ones when you need an answer. Continue reading

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