Happiness, Patience and Balance

Happiness, Patience and Balance

fix sun beamHow people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours ~ Wayne Dyer

One of the things I’ve come to understand in my life is that the universe requires balance.  This is also talked about in terms of karma, or more commonly what comes around goes around.  The frustration most people have with this process is that it seems that sometimes the wheel of karma turns way too slow for people who do things we don’t approve of in life.  However I believe that this balance always occurs and yes, I have seen it take decades, but trust me my friends, it comes to pass.

I have not always been the most patient of folks, it is something I have certainly worked on over the last few years and I’m getting better.  So today, the universe decided to check on my progress, I’m scheduled on a flight overseas that was supposed to leave at 6:30, once I arrived at the airport it quickly changed to 11:30, this turned a 16 hour travel day into a 21 hour travel and of course all on three hours of sleep.

This became a practice what you preach moment for Reverend Kane.  So after the shock and utter disbelief started to subside I settled in.  I got a snack, paid for by my American Airlines $12 snack voucher, (apparently my time is worth $2.40/hr to the airline), found an outlet, plugged-in, made some calls and am used the time to catch up with you my friends and others.

I didn’t get upset or frustrated, I verified everything I could and although my travel plans were delayed I wasn’t going to get stuck anywhere because of missed travel connections or services.  I had a great book to read and I certainly had plenty of time for a nice dinner at the airport.

As we have talked about often, we determine our own level of happiness.  I could have sat there in the airport like several others I’ve witnessed, angry, frustrated, railing at people who had no fault or control of the situation, but instead I chose to roll with it, even enjoy it as much as possible, it makes for a better day and quite frankly, I think it will help me live longer.  So Happy Mothers day to you that applies to, thank you to all the rest of you who may not be parents but are just as valuable and who also help us raise our children.  Here’s hoping your day has progressed more predictably than mine and as always, have a happy day my friends ~ Rev Kane

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About Michael Kane

Michael Kane is a writer, photographer, educator, speaker, adventurer and a general sampler of life. His books on hiking and poetry are available in soft cover and Kindle on Amazon.
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3 Responses to Happiness, Patience and Balance

  1. Diane McKnight says:

    And I would not be surprised if some really good thing happens as a result of this delay – something that wouldn’t have happened had the flight left on time . . . look for it!

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