Happiness and a New Home

Hello everyone, 

Nothing very deep tonight, I’m tired, to be honest I’m utterly physically and mentally exhausted.  I’ve been running non-stop since July and the last month has been insane.  In the middle of all of the nuttiness I bought a house, you know, because I needed a bunch of extra things to do in my life. 

Tonight I sit in my new house, filled with a lot of boxes, some empty I’m happy to say, the essentials of a home are all functioning, heat and AC, all of the appliances, TV & Internet.  Tonight I made dinner here for the first time, and am sitting here working on this piece watching a little football.  Tonight I’m able to breathe, relax just a bit and for the first time enjoy that this place is starting to feel less like a new house and more like a new home.

I hope this finds you all safe, relaxed and happy as well tonight ~ Rev Kane

About Michael Kane

Michael Kane is a writer, photographer, educator, speaker, adventurer and a general sampler of life. His books on hiking and poetry are available in soft cover and Kindle on Amazon.
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