Trail Family Meeting on the Appalachian Trail

Trail Family Meeting on the Appalachian Trail

unaka-enhancedOnly one who wanders finds a new path ~ Norwegian Proverb

So as I posted recently my friend Awesome is thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail.  We hiked together on the AT back in 2015 and he instantly became trail family.  Awesome’s week has been going well,  he says his body is holding up well and he’s enjoying his hike.  This week he made it up to the Top of Georgia Hostel and took a break.



It had slipped my mind that another member of my trail family, my buddy Mau, was working at the hostel in Georgia.  I got a great reminder when a text message came in from Awesome telling me they had just met.  I was so excited to hear this and was glad that the two of them had met on the trail.

Mau and Rev Kane

Mau and Rev Kane

I have stories about both of these fine gentlemen in my book that was just published, Appalachian Trail Happiness.  I have an incredibly amount of respect for both of them, Mau who finished the trail in 2015 ad Awesome who’s on his way this year.

at-happI miss my trail family, I miss being on the trail.  I did a short hike on the PCT today, the only moments of true peace I seem to find are on the trail.  Today was a particularly beautiful day, a combination of snow on the trail and sixty degree weather made for a great little hike.

pct-2 pct-3I hope you are finding ways to get some peace, take care of yourself, it’s important, and have a happy day my friends. ~ Rev Kane

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