My COVID Times Diary: One Year In!

My COVID Times Diary: One Year In!

embrace our painSo today it has been one full year since I began working from home.  There is a lot we could talk about tonight from the last year that was not good.  There’s been loss, frustration, apathy, depression, disappointment and so much more.  It’s been hard.  But tonight in a brief post I want to focus in, looking back on the good things that have happened over the last year.

First the big things, as I’ve discussed before, I’ve commented that people would either emerge from working from home as beat up caterpillars or beautiful butterflies.  I have been determined not to be a caterpillar.  One year in I think I’ve done pretty well.  I’ve achieved my goal of working on Spanish on Duolingo every day for the last year.  I made it my goal to lose weight, I’ve dropped 15 pounds over the last year and today I had my best blood sugar writing in two-years.  I’m still seven pounds from my goal weight, but I’m happy with the progress I’ve made.  It’s been easier to do while working from home, I can make good food and eat when I want, I can take breaks to workout during the day which makes it easier and more consistent to get my workouts in.

So there have been a lot of hard things, a lot of bad things over the last year, but there has been good as well.  I hope as you look back on your last year you can find your way to focus on good instead of the bad.  ~ Rev Kane

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